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Customer Spotlight: Kendra Scott, Clarins, Natori, & More!

January 30th, 2019 | 3 min. read

Customer Spotlight: Kendra Scott, Clarins, Natori, & More! Blog Feature

Jessica Keefe

Jessica is an integrated marketing leader specializing in strategic B2B and B2C enterprise solutions.

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With the new year, our customers are discovering new ways to use the Creator by Zmags tool. From philanthropy pages to Valentine’s Day gift guides, our customer spotlight is full of rich content.  

Kendra Scott

customer spotlight Up and coming jewelry designer Kendra Scott created a web page showcasing how the brand gives back to local and national causes. This page highlights the community involvement and dedication Kendra Scott strives to implement throughout her company. Scott is quoted on the page stating, “ Since I began this business, I have been inspired to use our success as a platform to do something even more powerful – to give back to others in a meaningful way...”  

DW Sports

customer spotlight

DW Sports created a product display page for Puma Training. The sports company utilized Selena Gomez as a celebrity influencer to create more traction surrounding the Puma products. DW Sports does a great job combining dynamic content like images and video content.  


customer spotlight Skincare brand Clarins used Creator to create a fun and interactive personalized quiz. The quiz leads prospective customers through a series of questions to discover his or her perfect cleanser. Outgrow remarks that “a product recommendation quiz eliminates the paradox of choice. It streamlines a customer’s journey and pulls them away from the vast pool of products that overwhelm them. Besides, admit it that filter options may make things easier but it still doesn’t result in the kind of customization that a quiz offers.”  


customer spotlight With Valentine’s Day around the corner, Natori creates a gift guide with select items for the upcoming holiday. By incorporating various features like animated roses and gift boxes, Natori enhances the customer experience and entices prospective buyers to treat themselves.  

Lulu Guinness

customer spotlight While January has most people bundled up and wrapped in sweaters, Lulu Guinness is jumpstarting their Spring Summer collection.  

“The Lulu Guinness Spring Summer 19 collection is beautifully cushioned by a muted colour palette and softedged feminine products. This prize-winning collection takes its character from quintessential Britishness, celebrating the essence of a Summer Fete with floral tones and ladylike shapes. Hues and patterns for the season are a pretty palette of leathers in dusky pink, lavender, oyster and aqua. “- Lulu Guinness