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Top 3 Content Marketing Goals For Every Brand

April 27th, 2018 | 3 min. read

Top 3 Content Marketing Goals For Every Brand Blog Feature

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Rich content campaigns are increasingly becoming the standard for brands. As consumers become increasingly tech-savvy, their expectations for their shopping experiences have been raised. In response, brands are investing significant time and resources into delivering customer journeys that go above and beyond. In fact, 60 percent of marketers say their organizations are extremely committed to content marketing.Which means it’s time for all digital marketers to reevaluate their content marketing goals. Whether your eCommerce website is seriously lacking in shoppable content, or if it simply needs a facelift, every marketer can make adjustments to push their content further. Below are three content marketing goals for any digital marketer that wants to take their online campaigns to the next level.

1. Increase your content volume

Consumers want more – more product options, more ways to communicate with their favorite brands, and of course, more content. They want a wide variety of online campaigns served up on one easy to navigate eCommerce site. From educational content, to quizzes, to blog posts, to videos, and more, shoppers expect a high level of engagement everywhere on your site. Being able to turn over a high volume of content is crucial to keeping your shoppers engaged. Which leads to…

2. Create content faster

The key to creating more content is the ability to create it faster. When online campaigns can be quickly updated without requiring an extended production, marketers can deliver fresh content to their customers without devoting days or even weeks to a single page. Ultimately, the online consumer doesn’t just want more content, they want it faster than ever. They expect eCommerce sites to be updated around the clock, with new trend pages or lookbooks to delight and inspire. It’s estimated that 51 percent of businesses are delivering fresh content daily; it’s up to brands to go above and beyond with their content calendars. The retailers who can step up and meet their consumers expectations are the ones who lead the pack.

3. Let creativity lead the way

If your eCommerce site isn’t meeting your high expectations – perhaps it’s constrained to a series of product grids, or your content campaigns aren’t as interactive as you’d like – consider this your call to action to make a change. Reevaluate your content and focus on creating content campaigns that are rooted in creativity and inspiration. If you’re ready to upgrade your grid, consider a shoppable lookbook to showcase products instead. Ready for interactivity? Incorporate guided selling quizzes to boost engagement metrics. Seek out new technologies and new strategies to transform your content strategy, and deliver rich shopping experiences that convert and engage.