UrbanStems increases transactions by 90%

Learn how this flourishing gift brand unlocked new speed and real-time agility with Fastr Frontend. 

Faster time to market
Increase in conversions
Increase in transactions
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A slow process that didn’t leverage real-time data


UrbanStems wanted to create and test a new campaign that highlighted products that were best-selling in real-time. Using prior approaches such as Page Designer by Salesforce took too much time from their development team – the team had to constantly fix images and content issues on mobile. Plus, products that were out of stock were being featured when they shouldn’t be.  


“Our development team was supposed to stay focused on a company-wide initiative. We felt guilty every time we had to take up their time.”          – Katie Hudson, Content Director at UrbanStems 


The team had also previously tried to use an outside agency for a social media campaign but the slow and expensive process limited how often the team could iterate and test.  


Neither of these solutions produced the shoppable brand experience they wanted for their customers. UrbanStems’ marketing team knew it was time to look for an in-house solution that was inventory-aware. They wanted a solution that could give them more control, wouldn’t require their dev team, and would enable quick iteration for a/b testing.  


UrbanStems Site

Implementing Fastr Frontend to gain speed, control, and the power of an inventory-aware solution


Product prices and availability change often for UrbanStems. A common problem with past solutions was that they showed out-of-stock products which led to higher bounce rates. Fastr Frontend enabled their web page to pull in the backend data of their best-sellers, and only those in stock. Fastr Frontend also updated prices seamlessly freeing up the team’s time – whereas before the team had to manually update price changes. 

The team used Fastr Frontend to quickly set up an A/B test on their home page to test fall messaging vs generic evergreen messaging to see which converted better. They were inspired that they could build pages as fast as their creative minds could brainstorm.  


"Fastr Frontend allowed us to be extremely flexible and ultimately led to more testing that increased conversion rates."

- Katie Hudson, Content Director at UrbanStems

The Results: Exceeding revenue numbers and customer expectations


In the first few weeks UrbanStems used Fastr Frontend to create their new web experience, they saw a 20% increase in conversion and a 90% increase in transaction rates. Their new site now showcases best-sellers, customer testimonials and brand value-propositions to deliver the shoppable brand experience that keeps customers coming back. 

The team itself has gained new creative speed –12 times faster time to market. From beginning to end, the team can brainstorm, create and go live in under two weeks without needing to use their development team. Whereas before the process used to take at least two months. Now the team builds beautifully designed web experiences with content that is optimized for site speed and mobile too.  

The new digital storefronts are tailored to customer needs and allow fast A/B testing. From birthdays to special life moments – the team now creates more personalized customer journeys. The speed and revenue results have people across the organization thinking about new ways to leverage Fastr Frontend for even more of their site and content. 


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FASTR Frontend - all indurstries
FASTR Frontend - all indurstries

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FASTR Frontend - all indurstries
FASTR Frontend - all indurstries