R.M.Williams Lifts Conversion Rates by 15.5%

Learn how Australia’s handcrafted footwear and apparel brand launched a new initiative 3x faster with Fastr Frontend.

Increase in conversion rate
Increase in engagement
Faster time to market
Language and geo content depolyment

Page Designer proves too rigid for a brand refresh


R.M.Williams has been handcrafting leather goods, including its iconic one-piece boot, for more than nine decades. Over the last ten years, the company has grown its international presence and built a thriving ecommerce business. Already known for the quality of its products, the company set out in 2022 to focus on sustainability, launching a new brand platform — 'Crafted for life'. And with an aggressive timeline to launch before the busy holiday retail season, the marketing team moved fast to develop a multi-channel campaign that required a completely re-designed website to align to the refreshed branding.

However, when it came time to implement their designs, the team was blocked. Earlier in the year the team started using Salesforce’s Page Designer to manage website content updates. Despite its promise of one-time development and business user controls for scaling, testing, and managing the site, the team quickly learned that the original design system and templates built within Page Designer weren’t flexible enough for the changes they wished to make. Turning to their development team for new components meant an estimated 90-day turnaround to deliver on their vision.


Language and geo content depolyment

Gaining speed, flexibility, and true control with Fastr Frontend


A website that reflected their innovative new brand along with a user experience to keep customers engaged was key to the success of their campaign. With just 5 weeks to launch, they decided to make a change. Though implementing new tech on a tight deadline sounded risky, R.M.Williams thought it would be a bigger risk to deliver a poor customer experience and fall short of their revenue targets. Collaborating closely with Zmags to onboard quickly to Fastr Frontend, the team was relieved at how easy it was to take their Figma designs directly into the platform and publish to their site.

With speed finally on their side, the team was able to roll out immersive and engaging content that brought their brand personality to life and matched their new campaign. The Fastr Frontend platform freed their designers to create and implement the experiences they wanted – without needing to use their development team. This removed the bottleneck of coder constraints that would have significantly slowed their time to market and allowed them to deliver the project on schedule.

“We proved that we can be nimble, turn on a dime, and get an idea onto our website very quickly. This was a complex release and we were impressed with how quickly it came together.” 

- Quaetapo, Senior Manager Program Delivery at R.M.Williams

The Results: On time for launch, with double-digit conversion rate increases “to boot” 

In one third the time it would have taken to update new components for Page Designer, the team met their aggressive launch goal. And, thanks to the combination of the campaign and launching their Fastr Frontend-built web experience, R.M.Williams saw a 15.5% increase in conversation rates and an 11% increase in revenue in only a few weeks. Customers spent 75% more time on their site compared to the prior month, and they also saw a 21.6% increase in customers scrolling below the fold.

Impressed with their early results, the R.M.Williams team is now expanding its use of Fastr Frontend across its website. Quaetapo, Senior Manager of Program Delivery shared that they are “excited by this new creative agility and finally feel empowered to bring our vision to life without needing to ask our development team for help.” Next up, the team plans to use Fastr Frontend to build A/B tests faster so they can drive greater revenue impact and explore leveraging APIs to deliver a more personalized experience.


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FASTR Frontend - all indurstries

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FASTR Frontend - all indurstries
FASTR Frontend - all indurstries