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Crafting The Customer Journey With Visual Content

June 7th, 2018 | 2 min. read

Crafting The Customer Journey With Visual Content Blog Feature

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As today’s tech-savvy consumers have become more empowered in their online shopping, their expectations have changed. They not only want to purchase; they want to be entertained, delighted and inspired along the way, whether or not they ultimately buy. They want to feel engaged and connected to the brand at every stage of the customer journey, and they expect retailers to deliver that experience. Along with this evolution of expectations, consumers have also learned to tune out the noise. They’re inundated daily with advertisements across every device at every moment. It’s easy to become exhausted by the constant stream of marketing messaging, so brands that keep it simple and make a real impact – often in just a split second – are the ones who will have the advantage. The best way to do this is through visual engagement across every touchpoint. Rich and interactive imagery is one of the most effective ways to grab a consumer’s attention – and keep it. The human brain processes visual images 60,000 times faster than text1. It’s far easier and more instinctive for customers to have an emotional reaction to a visual stimulus, so brands should use this concept as the foundation for every shopping experience they deliver, from first touch to final purchase. In this white paper, we’ll share best practices for achieving this visual transformation, from first touch to final purchase. We’ll review: • The various ways retailers can reach consumers, including highly targeted email and social media marketing campaigns. • How these initial touchpoints kick off the customer experience and how to make them more effective. • How to transition the shopping experience to the website and maintain a positive emotional response.

How to Kick Off an Effective Customer Relationship

In the digital age, it’s much easier for brands to reach consumers through a variety of strategic touchpoints. But many brands still struggle to create an intimate, emotional relationship with them. One solution: offer highly visual “snackable content” to kick-start the customer journey and set the stage for the entire shopping experience.