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Ecommerce 101: What is the Difference Between a Product Listing Page and a Product Details Page?

May 18th, 2023 | 4 min. read

Ecommerce 101: What is the Difference Between a Product Listing Page and a Product Details Page? Blog Feature

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There is no more important quality in the modern ecommerce landscape than convenience. For your customers, convenience embodies everything from knowledge to agility, understanding what they’re buying and being able to go from cart to checkout with ease. 

In order to stand out from your competitors, it’s essential that you make it simple and straightforward for your customers to find the products they need, and the information on those products—which is why you need to have a clear understanding of product listing pages (PLPs) and product detail pages (PDPs). Being able to confidently organize and distinguish these web assets will not only help your customers find their exact desired product, but will highlight your catalog and bring greater attention to what specific value you provide. 


What is a Product Listing Page? 


Your Product Listing Page (PLP) is the surface level of your catalog—every item that a potential customer could possibly want. If you’re a garment seller, it’s a list of sweaters; if you’re a furniture retailer it’s all the bedframes, bureaus, and kitchen tables you have to offer. 

Product Landing PageYour PLP introduces your customer to your inventory. It lets them know that, no matter what they’re looking for, you have it. This page is your opportunity to spotlight the range of your products, to drive customers from page to page just to explore everything they might purchase. 

Have you ever been in a department store looking for one very specific thing, then found yourself at the checkout with five items in your cart, simply because you wandered the aisles? That’s the power of a good PLP. 


What is a Product Details Page? 


Your Product Details Page (PDP) is the incredibly helpful attendant in that vast department store who helped you find that one specific item. Your PDP demonstrates your knowledge, your authority, and your dedication to the specific needs of your customer. 

PDP pageClick on any item on Amazon—you’ll see its size, its weight, even its manufacturer. With an effective PDP you can ensure your customers know everything about what they’re buying, which will give them confidence in you and your brand. 

To put it superficially, while your PLP might be your product’s online dating profile, the PDP is that first date make-or-break conversation. It’s where your customers get to know your products—and your commitment to them. 


Ecommerce businesses—put your best foot forward 


In the world of ecommerce, convenience and reliability are vital. By designing effective Product Listing Pages and Product Detail Pages, enterprises can distinguish themselves and their offerings. They’re the foundation for both enticing new customers and retaining existing buyers. 

Every page on your website is a showcase, not only of your products but of you. Communicating these essential traits smoothly, swiftly, and comprehensively can make all the difference between an industry leader and an also-ran. 

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