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Increasing Your Ecommerce Conversion Rate

September 14th, 2017 | 2 min. read

Increasing Your Ecommerce Conversion Rate Blog Feature

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Brands have a whole host of digital marketing goals to meet: engagement metrics, long-term loyalty, a dynamic brand image, the list goes on. But for many, especially during busy seasons like the holidays, their goals usually boil down to one measure of success: the ecommerce conversion rate. How is your brand encouraging conversions? Below, we break down three effective ways to boost your ecommerce conversion rate, and deliver a rich and streamlined path to purchase.


The most efficient way for customers to add to cart is through integrated quickviews. Without leaving a digital experience – buying guide, lookbook, etc – shoppers can click an image to activate an ecommerce-enabled lightbox to add to cart. With quickviews, customers can skip the frustrating search through a product grid and continue their shopping experience uninterrupted.  The faster and more enjoyable the purchase process is, the more likely shoppers are to complete it.


Upsell Opportunities

A rich and effective product discovery experience provides plenty of opportunities for upsells. By presenting an expertly curated collection of complimenting products (say, a fully styled outfit or a collection of matching tableware) shoppers are given a compelling reason to buy more than one item. Why wouldn’t you treat yourself to a new pair of shoes when they’re styled alongside the jeans you already bought? And why not complete the look with a matching scarf? Curated experiences encourage upsells, and as a result, increase average order value and your revenue.


Mobile Optimization

To maintain an impressive conversion rate, brands must ensure all users can easily purchase their products – regardless of their device. This means a customer’s experience should be just as streamlined on mobile as it is on desktop. The best way to do this is through responsive design, allowing your web layout to adjust fluidly based on CSS and media queries. Through responsive design, retailers can feel confident that shoppers across all devices experience a rich customer journey, boosting mobile conversion rates in the process.