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Interactive Content Spotlight: M&Co, Brooks Brothers, and NARS

July 18th, 2018 | 2 min. read

Interactive Content Spotlight: M&Co, Brooks Brothers, and NARS Blog Feature

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Check out the latest installment of the Interactive Content Spotlight, a monthly roundup of the coolest and most cutting-edge rich content examples from around the web. We hope you get some ecommerce inspiration. Enjoy!  

M&Co – Suitcase Style

eCommerce inspiration by M&Co What it is: A shoppable buying guide

Why we love it: This buying guide provides everything shoppers need for a wide range of vacations. Organized by destination, the experience is bright, fun, and practical. With summer in full-swing, this is a highly relevant and helpful experience for customers preparing for seasonal trips. What really makes this buying guide a home run is the strategic use of quickviews. Shoppers can instantly add any item to their cart without having to leave the experience, making the page a direct driver of revenue.

What it’s missing: To add an element of brand engagement, we recommend including user-generated content as well. Shoppers can see how real customers are styling products, while connecting with the overall M&Co 

Brooks Brothers – The Oxford Fun Shirt

eCommerce inspiration by Brooks Brothers What it is: A multi-media long-form experience

Why we love it: Brooks Brothers brings their Oxford shirt to life through this richly interactive long-form experience. Through animated effects, embedded video, and editorial content, this experience educates the customer on the product while keeping them highly engaged. It’s an inspirational, elevated, and creative alternative to the basic product page that online shoppers have come to expect. Because this page is jam-packed with content, it’s sure to improve SEO rankings as well as conversions.

What it’s missing: This is a great opportunity to implement a digital quiz to guide shoppers to the perfect customized shirt. Quizzes give content a personalized touch, and allow shoppers to feel confident in their selections. 

NARS Cosmetics - #NARSissist

eCommerce inspiration by Nars What it is: A UGC gallery

Why we love it: Shopping for cosmetics online is notoriously difficult; without testing a product like they would in-store, customers can feel unsure about making an online purchase. User-generated content can alleviate this uncertainty by showing shoppers what make-up products look like on real customers, not just models. And because this UGC gallery is so visual, with seemingly endless amounts of content, shoppers will stay on the page to explore, keeping time on page high and bounce rates low.

What it’s missing: We love that this content is clickable, activating lightboxes detailing the products used in each look. But to make this page a high-converting piece of content, we recommend making these lightboxes eCommerce-enabled so shoppers never have to leave the page to make a purchase.