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Guided Selling With Godiva

March 2nd, 2017 | 1 min. read

Guided Selling With Godiva Blog Feature

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Of-the-moment content is an up and coming trend in ecommerce; by creating relevant and seasonal content that is perfectly tailored to their audience, brands can increase engagement and conversions. And interactive holiday-driven content is a powerful way to stand out from the competition and cut through the ecommerce noise. Holidays are some of the busiest times of the year for ecommerce retailers, so it should be no surprise that they also present a huge content opportunity.

 Seasonal Guided Selling Content

Godiva Chocolatier is already known for their holiday experiences - from Christmas to Father's Day - but to celebrate Valentine's Day, Godiva went above and beyond. This year, they created and launched  six unique, interactive, and fully shoppable guided selling experiences that entertain and inspire. With fun educational content and easy purchasing through quickviews, the buying guides are a testament to the power of shoppable content.

With Valentine's Day now past, these experiences are no longer live on the Godiva site. But below is one of our favorites, featuring delicious chocolate-filled recipes to make and share. Click and play with the experience to learn more about why holiday gift guides are robust sales drivers for retailers, and what features you can incorporate into your content. And by the way - all six experiences (and the one below!) were built entirely in Zmags Creator.