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Replatforming: You Got This

August 6th, 2018 | 1 min. read

Replatforming: You Got This Blog Feature

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Replatforming is a notoriously frustrating process that every digital marketer has learned to dread. Most brands Replatform every two to three years in order to stay competitive, but It is stressful on marketers’ time, budgets, and patience. It requires cooperation and communication across all departments, making it a company-wide endeavor.

But for all the headaches, it can also jump start a brand’s eCommerce sales. In the long-term, replatforming increases efficiency and saves marketing teams money. Budget that was previously being spent on keeping your current platform working smoothly can be spent on producing innovative customer experiences. But in the short term, it can seem like a minefield of problems.

In a report by Forrester Research, 39% of retailers saw a decrease in conversion rates immediately after replatforming. This can certainly be alarming, but only emphasizes the need for total company preparedness. When executed properly, replatforming keeps brands innovating and expanding. In this ebook, we’ll discuss:

  • Why leading retailers are choosing to Replatform
  • Common replatforming mistakes, and how to avoid them
  • A replatforming checklist for marketers to make the process a little easier

First thing’s first… why Replatform?

It’s helpful to examine why companies are choosing to undergo the replatforming process. It’s often a combination of issues, but what is true for all of them is that all other options have been exhausted. Workarounds and outsourcing are no longer viable options. Marketing, IT, and digital teams are frustrated and have hit a wall in their innovation, creativity, and effectiveness. Historically, the four main motivators for replatforming are poor metrics, costly site maintenance, inability to compete, and changing goals. If any of these issues sound familiar, it might be time to explore other platform options. Want to learn more about replatforming successfully? Click here to download the full ebook, Replatforming: Mitigating Risks and Maximizing Success.