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Shoppable Blogs Done Right

February 8th, 2018 | 5 min. read

Shoppable Blogs Done Right Blog Feature

Zmags Blog Author

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Retailers that incorporate one or more blogs as a part of their website do this to create a secondary, unique space for editorial content that can inspire and inform shoppers. A blog that is consistently updated with fresh content encourages shoppers to return often, making your brand a source for expert information. When consumers are accessing your website for not just products, but for education or entertainment as well, your web experiences and your brand can reach a new level. While blogs are known for their improvements to engagement metrics, they can become major revenue generators as well. Shoppable blogs are a smart and low-risk way to engage shoppers while converting them into buyers. By adding integrated quickviews to your posts, customers can easily add products to their cart as they become inspired, without having to leave the blog to do so. Below, we break down three of our favorite examples of shoppable blogs from across the web.


Skincare and cosmetic online shoppers often have questions: How will this foundation work on my skin tone? What kind of moisturizer does my dry skin need? How can I create a smoky eye look in under three minutes? A high-impact way to provide answers is through a well-maintained, highly instructional blog series. Dermstore is a great example of a cosmetics retailer doing blogs right. Their posts are entertaining, instructional, and inspiring. Shoppers can learn how to care for their skin and recreate their favorite makeup looks. But what makes this blog a revenue generator is its shoppability. Dermstore recognizes that as customers are learning, they are also discovering products. By making their blog clickable and shoppable, Dermstore delivers a streamlined path to purchase for consumers.

Long Tall Sally

We love Long Tall Sally’s blog because it demonstrates their knowledge of their audience. Their customers aren’t just tall, but fashion-savvy and ahead of the trends, and their blog topics reflect this. Our favorite is their “ Life Changing Fashion Tips For Tall Girls” long-form experience. Featuring advice directly from the brand’s fashion experts, the post provides expertly curated information that can be easily incorporated into the customer’s wardrobes. Because the tips are coming from real women, all of whom stand at 5’11” or taller, readers feel confident they can trust the information. This post is highly inspirational, and a reminder to brands that their blog should not only reflect the brand, but the target customer as well. This blog post is fun, richly visual, and easily shopped – a perfect addition to the Long Tall Sally website.

Linen Chest

Shop-the-look features instantly elevate any blog post. These rich images allow shoppers to easily see how an outfit, makeup look, or room would come together. They are a powerful source of inspiration, and the use of quickviews makes shop-the-look experiences a source of revenue as well. Linen Chest’s “ Set Up a Decadent Dessert Table” post guides shoppers through creating a beautiful table design through easy to follow instructions and rich visuals. And everything is instantly shoppable; simply click a plus sign to add that item to the shopping cart. By adding this level of shoppability, there’s no conflict between learning and shopping. Instead, one encourages the other. Linen Chest also does a great job keeping their blog well-maintained and consistently updated, making it a reliable source of information for shoppers while building loyalty.