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The Shoppable Quiz: Delivering A Guided Selling Experience

March 16th, 2018 | 3 min. read

The Shoppable Quiz: Delivering A Guided Selling Experience Blog Feature

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More than ever, retailers are prioritizing a guided selling content strategy. Brands want to guide shoppers to the right product through rich shopping experiences, instead of leaving them to their own devices with a product grid. One of the most efficient and engaging ways to do so is through a shoppable quiz. Shoppable quizzes take the guesswork out of online buying. It’s the closest customers can get to a true guided selling experience. Through a short series of questions, shoppers are served up purchasing options that are expertly curated. Shoppable quizzes give customers confidence in their final purchase, taking buyer’s remorse out of the equation. Below are some of our favorite examples of shoppable quizzes, and what makes them so effective.

Murad – Which Cleanser Is Right For You?

Quizzes are especially effective for skincare and cosmetics brands. There are so many product options, and too many factors to keep track of. From dry skin to hormonal acne, there are so many variables that it can be overwhelming for customers to make online purchases. If they were in a store, they would simply ask a salesperson for advice. But online, a quiz can easily replicate this experience. Murad’s shoppable quiz asks customers basic questions – similar to a salesperson – to determine the perfect cleanser for the individual. It’s quick and efficient, all the way through to the purchase process. Simply click “add to cart” to immediately insert the product into your shopping cart. 

Isabella Oliver – What Should You Wear To Your Baby Shower?

We love this quiz for its inspiration as well as ease of use. Shoppers are guided through a series of fun style questions to help them get ready for their event. But what makes it stand out is how the experience doesn’t just provide a final outfit, but styling inspiration as well. And the value of the content isn’t just the products, but the experience as well. It’s a delightful, light-hearted quiz that takes some of the pressure off a predictably stressed mother-to-be to make her baby shower even more special. It’s thoughtful, and makes shoppers more connected to the brand. 

Ellen Hutson – Holiday Shopping Quiz

A shoppable quiz is just as effective when a customer is buying a gift, if not more so. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with options when you’re trying to find a present that will be absolutely perfect. A digital quiz experience therefore makes that decision process easier, which is always appreciated (especially during the holidays). Ellen Hutson’s holiday quiz takes the stress out of holiday shopping through their guided selling experience. And with integrated quickviews, customers are never taken out of the experience, meaning they can continue to explore and buy.    

Regardless of the format of the shoppable quiz, what makes them significant drivers of engagement and conversion metrics is that they not only make online shopping easy, they make it fun. When designing your next guided selling experience, we recommend choosing a quiz format to stand out from the noise, and give your customers a truly interactive customer journey.