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Fastr Frontend: The Accessibility Panel

August 7th, 2023 | 2 min. read

Fastr Frontend: The Accessibility Panel Blog Feature

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In this short video tutorial, you'll get a glimpse into Fastr Frontend's Accessibility Panel. This feature in the Fastr Frontend platform simplifies your team's effort to stay on top of your ecommerce site's digital accessibility.


Why does digital accessibility compliance matter?


Research indicates that over 98% of website homepages have at least one accessibility error - with an average of 61 errors per page. So it's no surprise that just last year, compliance-related lawsuits hit a record high.


If the content on your site does not adhere to digital accessibility standards, not only is your company at risk for these types of lawsuits, but you are also excluding a huge potential customer base. That sounds like a lose-lose!


But staying on top of your site's accessibility is typically a lot of work. And considering how often you make tweaks and changes to your various site pages, the challenge of keeping up with accessibility standards is multiplied - as is your chance of racking up accessibility errors.


Fastr Frontend's Accessibility Panel addresses this challenge for ecommerce teams by checking for errors automatically as a part of a workflow.


If you want your site's content to be inclusive to all potential customers, if you want to protect your company from accessibility-related lawsuits, and if staying on top of accessibility requirements is a challenge for your team, get in touch with us and let's talk about making your digital accessibility adherence a breeze.