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Customer Story: ONI Global

By the numbers

50% time saved in publishing content.
65% costs saved (no more print or external resources needed).

The Challenge

The need for an easy solution that can publish engaging content across different sites and brands.

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Extensive coding and high external costs.

ONI Global is a leading nutraceutical retailer in the Asia Pacific region with stores across Singapore, the Philippines, Taiwan, and Malaysia. It is undergoing a digital transformation across brands such as GNC, LAC, and Xndo Food. Most of the digital marketing team once focused on print marketing and needed an easy-to-use solution to publish digital content.

ONI Global uses the Salesforce Commerce Cloud platform, which makes instant website updates difictult and has inadequate mobile responsiveness. Anytime they wanted to change a layout, extensive coding was needed, driving their need to find a more straightforward solution for their marketing team.

Often, for bigger campaigns, such as Christmas and Chinese new year, they would have to outsource to a third-party vendor as none of the marketing team has coding experience. They had to start planning earlier to execute this process, and changing layouts was almost impossible due to time and cost restraints.

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The Solution

Empowering the marketers to publish content whenever and wherever they need.

ONI Global - LAC

Easily to create, add interactivity, and publish.

The Fastr Frontend platform enabled marketers across the different territories to easily publish content in different languages without any coding expertise.

Evelyn Teo, Head of Marketing and Digital, says, "When coding, you'd have to tweak minor elements, and if something is broken or wrong, the whole experience is jeopardized. In contrast, Fastr Frontend allows us to visually see what is being built, which is a massive benefit that allows our marketers to adjust elements easily." Even the least experienced members of the team can easily use the free form design tool to create an experience, add interactivity, and publish to their sites.

Now the ONI Global marketing team is empowered to update content whenever they need to. The Fastr Frontend tools they use the most when creating landing pages are the product link hotspots, carousels, and the mouseover animated effects.

ONI Global - LAC

"Fastr Frontend eliminates the need for coding experts within the marketing team, making content creation easier than ever before."

Evelyn Teo | Head of Marketing and Digital

The Results

A streamlined digital buying journey.

ONI Gloabl - GNC

Decrease costs while increasing efficiency.

One of the territories used to only participate in print marking and is now completely digital due to the efficiency of the Fastr Frontend platform ONI Global has substantially saved in the cost of printing and the time it takes for print production. Overall, Fastr Frontend has saved them at least 50% in time due to no longer participating in print marketing or requiring external resources for coding. This has also saved them 65% in costs!


The Fastr Frontend platform has truly empowered ONI Global's marketing team to create compelling campaigns that make it effortless for their customers to place orders. They are now looking forward to trying the new design file transformation tool, which will allow them to upload their designers' Adobe Illustrator files directly to the site for optimal efficiency. 

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ONI Gloabl - GNC

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FASTR Frontend - all indurstries
FASTR Frontend - all indurstries