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Customer Story: Pierre Robert

The Challenge

Creativity limited by Salesforce Commerce Cloud templates.

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The need for an internal no-code solution

Pierre Robert is a Scandinavian apparel brand developed by their design team in Oslo. Their online presence was established in 2016 with the launch of their website in Norway, Sweden, and Finland, offering garments with simple lines balancing stylish design and comfort.

Using the Salesforce Commerce Cloud platform, they were limited in everything they created and published because there was no flexibility within the templates. In addition, the mobile responsiveness was inadequate to meet their customer's needs. With a lean marketing team responsible for three territories, their need for internal design and publishing capabilities was essential.

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The Solution

A platform that allows instant content publishing.

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Making it easy to publish content in 3 languages.

The easy-to-use tool arsenal within the Fastr Frontend platform enabled Pierre Robert's marketing team to create new landing page layouts without the need for expensive external development help or increasing internal headcount. Additionally, Fastr Frontend equipped them to create content once and easily duplicate it in the different languages needed to keep their brand relevant in a competitive marketplace.

With Salesforce Commerce Cloud, they had to wait an entire day for content to be updated or published to their site. One of the most fundamental benefits of using Fastr Frontend is publishing content immediately, empowering them to make real-time changes.

When asked what their favorite tool within the Fastr Frontend platform is, they said that using carousels and product-linked hotspots on any image has been fantastic in creating a more seamless customer journey.

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"It's incredibly effective and easy to use. Fastr Frontend gives us freedom of design and the flexibility to publish and update content in real-time."

Emilie Frisvold Aulie | Ecommerce Specialist

The Results

Creating content that keeps customers on the website longer.

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Publishing engaging content that customers love.

They track how customers interact with their content using heat mapping rather than focusing on the granular click and conversion rate metrics. Through this, they can see that product tag hotspots are used heavily by customers and that carousels and quizzes are engaging their customers to spend longer on their site.

For this upcoming holiday season, Pierre Robert plans an exciting new 24 day Christmas calendar and to resurrect last yeats gift guide with updated product images and links. Pierre Robert is now using Creator on their homepage, in seasonal marketing campaigns, landing pages, experimenting with quizzes, and is currently A/B testing the new Interactive Email tool. See for yourself how Pierre Robert uses Fastr Frontend across their website.

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