Fastr Frontend delivers the benefits of composable commerce in days.

By empowering ecommerce teams to build digital experiences without code, Fastr Frontend turns marketers into development resources overnight. 

Traditional Headless

You Think You Need To Replatform

If you want to build new dynamic content experiences, you’re often presented two options: 

  1. Change your ecommerce backend, which means recreating all your product pages and experiences from the ground up. The result is a new set of templates that meet your needs better but are still rigid and stifle your creativity.
  2. Undertake a conventional headless migration which involves breaking the frontend of your site from the backend in your existing Content Management System (CMS). Then you’d carve your backend into sub-pieces called microservices. On the frontend, you’d recreate your storefront and anything that’s visible to your customer with the customization you want. 

In either case, that work is expensive. Your development resources, not to mention marketing and creative, will be tied up for months or sometimes years. Plus, you need to finish the entire process before you see any benefit to your site performance. 

Traditional Headless
Fastr Frontend
Fastr Frontend

What You Actually Need: Fastr Frontend

Fastr Frontend takes an entirely different approach to the problem.  

With Fastr Frontend’s API-driven technology, you’ll have the ability to do the things you wanted to do after replatforming in a matter of days. It unlocks the data walled-up in your ecommerce tech stack so you can build a dynamic storefront based on conditions you set. 

Fastr Frontend “glues together” your backend applications, with what’s in your API, anything that’s on your site pages, or information anywhere on the web. Making these connections is so simple, we do any of the required coding for you.  

With your data connected, there are no boundaries to what you can create and where you can deploy your experiences. Shop the look, custom product grids, integrated quick views and more are all within your power to deliver.  

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Fastr Frontend
Fastr Frontend

What to Expect, Step-by-Step

⇒ Start from a blank canvas or convert designs from Adobe design tools, Figma, or Sketch into compelling online experiences.  

⇒ Easily upload translations in multiple languages for each of your global sites, if applicable, and manage the regional experiences in one place. 

⇒ Determine the specific conditions and behaviors to automate the dynamic content you want to display and configure the settings using the intuitive orchestrator application. 

⇒ Decide where you want your new experience to be published – your homepage, product detail pages, category pages, product landing pages – anywhere. A single experience can be built once and used at scale on thousands of pages through automation.  

⇒ When you’ve finished building your new customer journey, Fastr Frontend provides you with a single line of code to paste into your Content Management System and your new experience is live. And it loads as fast and sometimes even faster, than your conventional pages. Changes to live content will happen automatically based on conditions you’ve set. 

 ⇒ Your content dashboard helps you organize your work across the enterprise and at all stages of development, so you can see what’s live at all times and replace or update experiences as needed.  

 ⇒ Editing your live experiences is easy. You can make changes in Fastr Frontend and they’re reflected on your site in real-time. There are no restrictive templates and no need to change any of your underlying code. Which frees up your developers to work on other priority projects.   

FASTR Frontend - all indurstries
FASTR Frontend - all indurstries

Experience FASTR Frontend

See the power of FASTR Frontend on your website.

In our 30-minute demo, we’ll show you how quick and easy it is to create content, and publish it, all with a few simple clicks. Even better, we’ll show you how it would look on your site. After a quick walk through some of the most compelling content our customers have created, we’ll show you a live FASTR Frontend experience on your actual website. It’s pretty cool.

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FASTR Frontend - all indurstries
FASTR Frontend - all indurstries