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BAPO Named B2B Specialist by Big Commerce

September 29th, 2023 | 2 min. read

BAPO Named B2B Specialist by Big Commerce Blog Feature

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Zmags Announces Be A Part Of's Recognition as a

Certified BigCommerce B2B Expert 


Boston, MA – September 29, 2023 — Zmags, a leading provider of ecommerce technology solutions, is excited to announce that its subsidiary, Be A Part Of, has been officially recognized as a Certified BigCommerce B2B Expert. This prestigious recognition underscores Be A Part Of's unwavering commitment to excellence in delivering cutting-edge B2B ecommerce solutions. 


Lance Owide, the General Manager of B2B at BigCommerce, applauded Be A Part Of's expertise in the field, stating: "As demand for B2B ecommerce accelerates, the need for system integrator and agency services is surging, driven by the growing demands of manufacturers and distributors building immersive online buyer journeys. Recognizing this trend, BigCommerce introduced its B2B Specialization, empowering ecommerce agencies to demonstrate their exceptional B2B expertise and track record of accomplishments. We are excited to announce Be A Part Of as a Certified BigCommerce B2B Expert." 


"The Be A Part of Team has been instrumental in digitally transforming ecommerce experiences for B2B companies large and small," said Imad Mouline, Interim CEO of Zmags. "Their commitment to excellence is a big reason Zmags initially acquired the company, and we're proud to have their dedication and innovative work contribute to the success of the entire organization." 


Mouline added, "We're also thrilled to further expand our great partnership with BigCommerce and look forward to working together to evolve the ecommerce experience for more B2B enterprises." 


About Be A Part Of 

Be A Part Of is a subsidiary of Zmags specializing in providing cutting-edge B2B ecommerce solutions. With a focus on delivering exceptional digital experiences, Be A Part Of helps manufacturers and distributors build immersive online buyer journeys that drive business growth and customer satisfaction. 


About Zmags 

Zmags is a leading provider of ecommerce technology solutions, empowering businesses to create engaging and immersive digital shopping experiences. Headquartered in Boston with a distributed worldwide team, Zmags powers innovative customer journeys for e-commerce companies of all sizes. Zmags is backed by Akmazo Capital and acquired Be A Part Of in 2022 to support its mission of delivering growth for e-commerce brands.