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Fastr to Offer Adaptive AI for Ecommerce Optimization

October 10th, 2023 | 3 min. read

Fastr to Offer Adaptive AI for Ecommerce Optimization Blog Feature

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Enhanced Platform Gives Brands the Ability to Deploy

Dynamic Shopping Journeys and Experiment with Unprecedented Speed


Boston, MA – October 10, 2023Zmags, a leader in digital experience transformation, is rebranding as Fastr. The name change coincides with the launch of FastrAI, Fastr Frontend’s new adaptive AI. FastrAI streamlines ecommerce experience creation in support of multivariate experimentation and fast iteration. It learns from tests, ensuring ongoing optimization for brands.


“Whether you’re aiming to improve conversion rates, increase average order value, or drive engagement, we can get you there disruptively faster,” says Ryan Breen, CTO, Fastr. “The traditional process for experimenting on ecommerce sites is either too limited or too slow. Brands can’t hit their aggressive targets with incremental improvements to copy or button colors. And they can’t wait for long prototyping and development handoff cycles to create experience variants to test. With Fastr Frontend, brands can test intelligent ecommerce-enabled experiences like upsell carousels or dynamic bundle offers without tapping into their developer resources. And FastrAI adapts with each test to generate optimized experiences in minutes, meaning new tests are in-market faster than ever before.” 


FastrAI is built in to Fastr Frontend’s powerful new user interface — the Experience Canvas. With Penpot’s open-source design collaboration platform at its foundation - a tool loved by both designers and developers, the Canvas provides robust design tools, asset and component libraries for easy brand management and creative speed, the ability to work together in real-time, and integrations to orchestrate your ecommerce technology ecosystem. Non-developers can easily set conditions for dynamic experiences without writing code. For teams with development resources, the platform also offers easy access to create and manage the underlying integrations for complete control of your composable ecosystem.


“After getting our hands on the new Experience Canvas for our Dolfin Swimwear site, our content creation velocity and output really soared,” says J.R. Vanko, Marketing & Ecommerce Manager at Elite Sportswear. “We quickly knew we had to leverage the platform's power for our GK Elite site, too, and are already realizing the same efficiency gains. We’re beyond excited by the enhanced capability and speed we now have to create and deploy content, as well as the ability to experiment more consistently on both sites.” 


The newly updated Fastr Frontend platform enables ecommerce leaders to deploy with enterprise-grade confidence. It ensures all AI-generated content is optimized for accessibility and SEO; is restricted to leverage brand guidelines (like typographies, colors, and logo marks) and owned content; supports Core Web Vitals (ensuring optimized design and API calls for fastest rendering) and delivers multi-language support, providing the ability to scale to as many locales as needed.


Join the waitlist for Fastr Frontend with AI capabilities by signing up at GetFastr.com/FastrAI-Waitlist.


About Fastr

Fastr Frontend is the first AI-enhanced Digital Experience Composition platform built for ecommerce leaders, empowering them to rapidly create, deploy, and optimize dynamic shopping journeys that engage customers and grow revenue. Combining best-in-class design tools with powerful integration and orchestration capabilities, Fastr Frontend allows non-developers to control every aspect of their ecommerce site without dependence on developers. The AI-fueled acceleration in speed-to-market for new ideas fosters business-critical experimentation and ongoing adaptive experience optimization.  


In 2023, the makers of Fastr Frontend established Fastr as the corporate identity for two newly unified businesses: Zmags, founded in 2006 and known for its Publicator digital catalog solution and Creator Studio software, and Be A Part Of, the award-winning agency that Zmags acquired the prior year. 


Headquartered in Boston with a distributed worldwide team, Fastr powers innovative ecommerce experiences for brands and retailers of all sizes through its business-empowering technology platforms and custom design and development services packages. Fastr is backed by Akmazo Capital.