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Zmags acquires award-winning eCommerce digital agency Be A Part Of

April 28th, 2022 | 3 min. read

Zmags acquires award-winning eCommerce digital agency Be A Part Of Blog Feature

Justin McCoubry

Justin is the Vice President of Marketing at Creator by Zmags. His focus has been on creating unique brand experiences and developing growth strategies.

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Acquisition significantly enhances the suite of solutions offered as part of the Creator Platform to include world-class design and integration services.

Zmags, whose Creator platform is transforming how customers experience digital commerce everywhere, today announces its acquisition of Be A Part Of, a Toronto-based e-commerce digital agency, as a further investment in its mission to support, empower, and scale growing e-commerce brands.

Founded in 2004, Be A Part Of joins the Zmags portfolio with more than a decade of experience designing, deploying and maintaining large scale e-commerce environments. As a fast-growing digital agency, Be A Part Of has also developed a large library of reusable components including their MiniBC payment gateway which is embedded in hundreds of online stores.

The Creator solution provides a powerful platform for building a brand’s entire site experience is supported now by a comprehensive suite of service offerings. Services starting with creative consultation and including systems integration and site performance optimization services.

"We're delighted to welcome Be A Part Of to the team and incredibly excited by the impact their solutions and talent will have in expanding our service offerings. The acquisition completes our vision of offering a full solution for e-commerce brands wanting to differentiate their shopping experience with dynamic, intelligent, and engaging content throughout their site. " said Jeff Lortz, CEO of Zmags.

This acquisition comes after Zmags’ recent launch of Creator Connect, which makes it possible to build intelligent and engaging shopping experiences that are informed by data and assembled dynamically on every page. Be A Part Of’s library of off-the-shelf e-commerce connectors and services will allow retailers to leverage Creator Connect to deliver engaging content more quickly, respond faster to market opportunities, and fully leverage other marketing technology investments.  

Greg Johnston, Managing Director of Be a Part Of added “I am incredibly inspired by what we've seen thus far in our partnership with Zmags; this opportunity allows us to accelerate our vision in better supporting our customers and brands worldwide bringing optimized, headless, self-manageable digital experience content and pages to e-commerce allowing us to finally merge content and commerce in ways yet to be explored...stay tuned”.


About Zmags

Zmags is the parent company for the Creator Platform, the industry leading solution in driving digital experience transformation.

Creator empowers brands to turn static and conventional digital content into inspiring, connected and intelligent end-to-end brand experiences that drive revenue, captivate visitors, expand customer loyalty, and stand out among competitors. Creator also allows marketers to break free from templates, eliminate development dependencies, and avoid tech stack paralysis, all at a fraction of the time and cost of the status quo.

Backed by an intuitive, best-in-class platform, and a team of creative innovators in design, Creator brings digital experiences to life through limitless interactive possibilities.


About Be A Part Of

In today's world, e-commerce is no longer a luxury for businesses, but rather a necessity. Customer expectations while shopping online are higher than ever, creating not just a challenge, but an opportunity for merchants to improve margins, increase market share, and most importantly drive profits & growth. With all the technology that is out there to be leveraged, merchants with the most robust e-commerce experience will win. That's where we come in.

Be A Part Of is an award winning, full-service, development agency working with growing B2C, B2B and DTC brands. Their 20-person team work with clients on projects from concept to conversion, creating e-commerce experiences that delight customers and enable growth.