With Fastr Frontend, it's easy to create experiences that engage your customers

Want to create a personalized shopping experience for your customers? Watch this.

Pop quiz:

For online shoppers, there are unlimited options – so many ecommerce brands, so many products, so much noise. So, getting traffic to your site is the first huge win, but then...  

How can you keep visitors on your site and optimize the shopping experience to drive sales? 

You can try to leverage any already-harnessed customer data, highlight best-selling or seasonally-appropriate products...

Or why not use zero-party data: information about the shopper provided by the shopper?

Quizzes allow you to simultaneously engage visitors, gather valuable customer data right from the source, and connect shoppers to the products they're truly looking for – in real time. 

With Fastr Frontend, you can add quizzes to your toolbox of easy-to-create adaptive experiences and leverage the selling power of personalization. 

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