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7 Fast and Furious Ways to Rev-up Automotive Customer Conversions

July 20th, 2018 | 8 min. read

7 Fast and Furious Ways to Rev-up Automotive Customer Conversions Blog Feature

Jessica Keefe

Jessica is an integrated marketing leader specializing in strategic B2B and B2C enterprise solutions.

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  According to Forbes Communication Council, ecommerce trends show that by 2020, 40% of the automotive industry will consist of millennials. With their consuming power gaining more influence, they will soon be the majority of car buyers. Coupled with the recent digital boom, shopcreator.com predicts that online expenditure in the automotive sector is on track to triple by 2022. These statistics are converting more brick and mortar automotive companies to enhance their online presence. Yet, finding a balance between physical and digital presences is pertinent since customers are 30% less trusting online than at brick and mortar stores. To help optimize these customer conversions, we offer seven ways to accelerate conversions in the automotive ecommerce industry.  
  1. Update Website Design
It takes about 50 milliseconds or 0.05 seconds for a customer to determine if they like your site so first impressions are crucial. Having dynamic and innovative design and content can make or break the initial actions of converting viewer to buyers. Simply rewording homepage messages or “About Us” statements can increase the percentage of website viewer willing to purchase. Cohesiveness and commitment to your branding, changes to website color schemes, font size and spacing, background images, marketing copy are equally as important. Cruisemaster’s landing page is bold and appealing to the eye making their company a top competitor and perfect example of an updated website. Cruisemaster website design for Automotive Customer Conversions    
  1. Increase customer trust
Put yourself in your customer's shoes. Are you willing to buy automotive products from a sketchy website with no description, endorsements, or customer reviews? Like every relationship, trust is one of the most important pillars. Customers won’t convert if they are unsure about who they are buying from. Extreme Terrain does a great job of immediately stating who they are and how they operate in their “Meet the Wrangler Experts” to welcome their site viewers. There are several ways of building trust including company reviews, blogs, and customer testimonials. Increasing customer trust for Automotive Customer Conversions    
  1. Conduct A/B testing
This is a way to increase your websites conversion rate by creating two pages with different headlines. The A/B software will direct half of the incoming traffic to page A and the other half to page B. Each page has a call to action which will count the number of viewers who took action. Having at least one or multiple tests running is important to constantly monitor your website. Unsure what to test? Typically, marketers should focus on the data available to them and what important project their company is currently campaigning. Web page elements that are important to direct viewers’ attention include the headline, page layout, navigation, and different media. All of which are great elements to test. Image for A/B testing for Automotive Customer Conversions    
  1. Utilize Analytic Software
Using analytic tools like Google Analytics allows you to monitor your highest traffic pages and bounce rates. Knowing the number views, demographics, and locations lets you specify who is the best prospective customer. After you can optimize your content of those pages to list high-search-volume keywords. For example, your online store sells customized tire parts and you have posted an article on the various types of rim metal for various terrains. Through analytic software you determine the post having sufficient traction but not enough conversions. From here, you can optimize your content by identifying high-search-volume keywords. google analytics for Automotive Customer Conversions    
  1. Promote your value proposition
What is value proposition? It is defined as the main intent a potential customer should buy from you. As a consumer, why should I buy your automotive products as opposed to Pep Boys? A good value proposition distinguishes you from your competitors and accentuates important factors for customers. Metal Tech 4x4 offers an attractive visualization of who they are as a brand, a high end off road part shop. Their “About Us” info offers great detail about their brand and who they partner with to ensure customer reliance.  Reflecting on what is unique about your company and services allows you to create a strong value proposition. Having this allows you to concisely synthesize your dynamic brand. Using an A/B test allows you to confirm your proposition resonates with buyers. Metal Tech promotes value proposition    
  1. Simplify how to buy
Simplicity is key to converting viewers to buyers.  By gently guiding your customers to convert, you allow them to feel at ease with their purchase. Limiting the number of buying options, consumers are less overwhelmed. Coupling this limitation with minimal fields for order reduces the hassle of buying. One perfect example is Brock’s Performance offering customers to check out as guests rather than forcing them to sign-up. When you give buyers the option to participate, they do not feel pressured into newsletters and promotions. To simply put it, making your business as easy as possible makes you the clear choice over your competitors. Brock simplifies hows to buy  
  1. Add incentives and promotions to purchase now
A sense of urgency for customers to act now is a great way to gain conversions. Incentivizing free shipping, BOGO deals, or notifications on low inventory are successful types of promotions.  STG does a great job utilizing a digital carousel to showcase the various deals the company is promoting. Make sure you strategize how many and what kind of promotions you will be giving away to make sure you do not devalue your brand. STG adds incentives to promote purchasing now       Many digital marketers are willing to go the extra mile to convert visitors into buyers in the ecommerce world. Making certain you stand out from your competitors and personalizing your brand are sure ways to finish first.