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Webinar Recap: Practical Applications of AI in Retail

November 30th, 2023 | 4 min. read

Webinar Recap: Practical Applications of AI in Retail Blog Feature

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For a deep-dive into AI’s significance in the retail industry, Fastr CTO, Ryan Breen, and JRNI SVP of Engineering, Yuan Cheng, joined forces for our latest webinar, Practical Applications of AI in Retail


They shared their notable experience in tech leadership, industry expertise, diverse perspectives, and valuable insights into technology, innovation, and ecommerce to provide retail brands with a panoramic overview of practical applications and approaches to leveraging AI. 


Who should watch – and why?


If you’re a brand leader in the retail industry, being in-the-know is essential and this webinar offers a comprehensive understanding of AI: applications, concerns, its current state, and its future trends. To help your business adapt and thrive in an undeniably and increasingly AI-driven retail landscape, we uncover practical, actionable insights and shed light upon fundamental topics including:  


Real-world Examples and Use Cases
  • Ryan and Yuan share practical examples of AI and their common use cases in retail – like targeting AOV – to give you a clearer understanding of tangible scenarios and better visualize the implementation and potential benefits of AI in your own business.  


AI Integration in Retail
  • Knowing how AI is utilized in retail – be it for consumer-facing benefits or internal efficiency enhancements – will give you deeper insights into how exactly AI’s innovative technologies are driving the industry forward and help with your strategic planning and decision-making around adoption and implementation. 


Skepticism and Concerns
  • In the spirit of true practicality, the discussion also touches upon AI skepticism and concerns, including job displacement, biases, and regulations. Addressing these apprehensions is key to helping industry leaders navigate potential challenges and adopt AI in ways that empower their workforce and mitigate risks. 


Future Trends and Present Immediacy
  • Ryan and Yuan shed light on the significance and rapidly-evolving pace of AI compared to previous eras of tech development, including their projections for its future growth. You’ll get a deeper understanding of the urgency around embracing AI’s transformative potential: how adopting tools will help reduce costs, improve efficiency, and enhance your customers’ experience and how incorporating AI tools now will be crucial to your business remaining a market competitor. 


In short, if leading an adaptive, thriving brand in an increasingly AI-driven retail landscape is a priority, this webinar on the Practical Applications of AI in Retail is your launchpad.