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What to Expect at the 2024 CommerceNext Growth Show

May 24th, 2024 | 6 min. read

What to Expect at the 2024 CommerceNext Growth Show Blog Feature

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On June 11th, the most innovative ecommerce brands will congregate in New York City at the CommerceNext Growth Show for three days of diverse speaker presentations, breakout sessions, and panel discussions. In addition to the scheduled content sure to expand your business mind, the event also provides the opportunity to connect with industry peers that will expand your network and solution providers that will expand your ability to take your brand to the next level.


Every year, attendees can expect to hear fresh perspectives and inventive strategies revolving around both current hot topics and the industry's pillar subjects, but here are some of this year's themes and sessions you won't want to miss: 


Generative AI


Get the inside scoop on how ecommerce retailers are leveraging the technology and where they’re seeing it have a truly notable impact. You’ll hear about the tried-and-true use cases that your brand can replicate to enhance customer experience, personalization, marketing, and operations. 

  • Breakout Session: "Results Your CFO Can Believe In: How Retailers are Winning with AI" featuring Mandeep Bhatia, VP of Global Digital Product & Omnichannel Innovation at Tapestry



Customer Acquisition & Retention


Although this topic is not exclusive to 2024, the current phasing out of third party data cookies puts a new spin on finding, targeting, marketing to, and winning customers. And since “once a customer” does not mean “always a customer”, the challenge continues along the customer journey – beyond customer acquisition – where the focus on loyalty and retention becomes paramount. Event attendees can expect to learn about the strategies, channels, and tools their brands will need to maintain or increase their power to acquire and harness loyal customers.  

  • Panel Discussion: "Designing Loyalty Experiences that Cultivate Customer Devotion" featuring Patagonia's VP of Digital Studio, Angela Clark



Leveraging Data for Unified Shopping Experiences


Data is the heart of elevated marketing and seamless shopping experiences – easy in theory, but often challenging in practice. At this year's Growth Show, you’ll hear about methods of collecting, analyzing, integrating, and leveraging data to enrich your understanding of consumer preferences, optimize marketing tactics, and elevate omnichannel shopping experiences. 

  • Breakout Session: "Breaking Barriers & Boosting Sales: How Kendra Scott Unifies Data and Drives Ecommerce Success" with Kendra Scott's VP, Head of Digital & Ecommerce, Kamanasish Kundu



The Digital Experience


Another pillar ecommerce topic, but one that is always changing is UX – the experience that your frontend offers your customers. With new technologies and increasing competition, your brand name and/or products alone will not suffice; your site must be a breeze to navigate and must captivate engagement at every touchpoint along the customer journey. That’s why attendees can expect a variety of sessions focusing on rolling out the red carpet for shoppers and driving conversions by creating elevated digital experiences.


  • Breakout Session: "Resilient Retail: Advanced Ecommerce Strategies for Unpredictable Times" featuring Elizabeth Garry, VP of North American eCommerce at Pandora


  • Breakout Session: "Secrets of Digital Excellence Revealed: Insider Insights from the Top 25 US Retailers" 


Tech, Tools, Solutions, & Platforms


For ecommerce brands aiming to meet and exceed consumer expectations, craft digital storefront and experiences that envelope shoppers, drive conversions, and enhance their operational efficiency and pace, the topic of ecommerce technology extends far beyond AI. At this year's CommerceNext Growth Show you'll have opportunities to learn about consolidating your tech stack and the solutions that may be your brand’s key to amplifying your tech capability.  

  • Panel Discussion: "Navigating the Digital Frontier: Insights on Tech Investments" featuring Lynda Pak, Divisional VIO, Global Brands and Functions at The Estée Lauder Companies





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