Digital Experience Technology

Digital experience technology is the set of tools and solutions that enable businesses to create engaging, personalized, and seamless digital experiences for their customers across multiple channels and touchpoints

What are Digital Experience Technologies?


Digital experience technology refers to a wide range of software solutions and tools that are designed to help businesses create and deliver adaptive digital experiences for their customers. These solutions typically include content management systems, customer relationship management platforms, analytics tools, and other frontend and backend technologies.


The goal of digital experience technology is to enable businesses to create personalized, relevant, and consistent experiences for their customers across multiple channels and touchpoints, such as websites, mobile apps, social media, email, and more.



Industry examples:


  • Frontend as a Service (FEaaS) platforms like Gatsby, Vercel, and Fastr Frontend enable businesses to build and deploy fast, scalable, and secure frontend applications that can deliver personalized and engaging digital experiences to customers.


  • Digital Experience Platforms (DXPs) like Adobe Experience Cloud and Salesforce Experience Cloud provide a comprehensive set of tools and solutions for managing content, data, and interactions across multiple channels and touchpoints, as well as enabling advanced analytics, personalization, and marketing automation capabilities.


  • Digital Experience Composition (DXC) solutions like Acquia and Episerver combine frontend and backend technologies to deliver end-to-end digital experiences for customers, from content creation and management to commerce transactions and customer service interactions. 



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