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Fastr Frontend: Quizzes

September 13th, 2023 | 3 min. read

Fastr Frontend: Quizzes Blog Feature

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In this short video tutorial, you'll get a behind-the-scenes look at how Fastr Frontend enables ecommerce brands to create sales-driving quizzes for their sites.



Pop quiz:


What's one single experience that ecommerce sites can host to gather data, engage customers, express brand personality, personalize the shopping experience, and shorten the path to purchase?


Answer: quizzes. The video tutorial above covers the "how" by demonstrating their easy creation and management, but let's also talk about the "why" by revisiting the value that quizzes offer to both customers and brands...  


In a competitive ecommerce marketplace, if you can get traffic to your site, you've already accomplished the first major task.


...But then come the tasks of keeping shoppers on your site and seamlessly guiding them to fill their shopping cart with your products.


There are, of course, different copy strategies and design elements you can implement to try to do this, but quizzes are a multifaceted tool enabling you to...


  • Engage your site's visitors: You can cut out the noise and distraction of the entire ecommerce marketplace and the possibility of visitors unsuccessfully browsing your site by using a quiz to focus their attention.


  • Show off your brand's personality: Quizzes can demonstrate brand-authentic design and copy and since they let you communicate with your customers directly, they're a perfect way to both let your brand's personality shine and set yourself apart from other brands.
  • Gather data (the best kind!): Zero-party data is information about the shopper willingly provided by the shopper and quizzes are an interactive experience that enable you to ask for and receive this kind of data – not only for the functionality of the quiz, but also to leverage in future marketing.


  • Roll out the red carpet for your customers: Quizzes add personalization to the shopping experience and streamline the customer journey by 1. Matching your shoppers with a product they're truly looking for and 2. Directing them to the corresponding PDP. This shortens the customers' path to purchase – without short-changing on value being offered en route.


If these sales-driving, experience-enhancing benefits are what you're after, get in touch with us and we'll show you how Fastr Frontend gives you the integration, orchestration, and design power to create and deploy quizzes and other adaptive experiences.




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