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Creating Carousels, Quickviews, & Elevated Product Listing Pages

July 2nd, 2024 | 10 min. read

Creating Carousels, Quickviews, & Elevated Product Listing Pages Blog Feature

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The digital experience composition possibilities are endless for ecommerce designers, marketers, and merchandisers using Fastr Frontend – the platform giving them creative freedom, frontend control, and unparalleled speed. They've said a glad goodbye to restrictive templates and a happy hello to Fastr Frontend's Experience Canvas where they can bring their ideas to life and onto their ecommerce storefronts – without any development resources.


But sometimes – especially after breaking out of template jail – the limitless freedom of a blank canvas is cause for pause. Where do you begin? And how? Since Fastr is dedicated to supporting ecommerce brands, their teams, and their frontend transformations, we've used our recent Design Labs to kill these two birds with one Fastr Frontend stone:


1. Show the backend building processes for digital shopping experiences that are either notoriously frustrating to create or are can't-ignore frontend must-haves.

2. Share some inspiring examples alongside the option for Fastr Frontend users to have the design blueprints copied into their accounts.


No more staring at a blank canvas – just a creative design kickstart plus the tips and tricks needed to leverage Fastr Frontend's game-changing features, functions, custom actions, and capabilities. Keep scrolling for a recap of the experience use cases covered in our two latest Design Labs:





Digital experiences that not only look beautiful but also offer customer, marketing, merchandising, and conversion benefits are inarguably ones that ecommerce teams have to master and leverage. That's why hosting a carousel workshop was a must – starting with a run-through of 12 examples to spark both creative and strategic inspiration. Here are a few favorites:


Fastr Inspiration Gallery: Carousel #9

Example #9 combines lifestyle imagery, motion effects, and shoppable hotspots (more on quickviews below!).


Fastr Inspiration Gallery: Carousel #2

Carousel #2 uses videos to give a more life-like view of products and also functions as an upsell tactic.



Fastr Inspiration Gallery: Carousel #4


Example #4's thumbnail navigation of product categories displays both descriptions and product tiles below. 


Fastr Inspiration Gallery: Carousel #8

Carousel #8 allows shoppers to mix and match products – highly engaging and a clever AOV-driving tactic.


Then we pivoted the Design Lab from inspiration to actionable guidance on creating bespoke carousel experiences that look and operate exactly as intended. For frustration-free carousel building, check out these specific custom actions and platform features that ensure optimal design efficiency and seamless frontend functionality:




Custom Quickviews


Another way to elevate your storefront pages? Quickviews. They allow you to make any experience on any part of your site shoppable and take navigation ease to a whole new level. Drive revenue from anywhere on your site and shorten the customers' path to purchase? That's an ecommerce win-win. And with Fastr Frontend, you have the power to add the "custom" to "custom quickviews". Take a look:


Fastr Inspiration Gallery: Quickview Examples

A quick view of the quickview examples we walked through in our most recent Design Lab.


We also jumped into the backend to share how these quickview examples are put together in the Experience Canvas, where on your site they can be leveraged, and the key considerations for ecommerce teams looking to build them. So, before you get started on creating your custom quickviews, be sure to watch this first: 

Building Custom Quickviews in Fastr Frontend





Elevated Product Listing Pages


Ask any online shopper or ecommerce team member to picture a Product Listing Page (PLP) and we'd be willing to bet the  image in mind is that typical grid-like layout. Functional? Yes. Captivating? Not particularly. But there's a new page format that's starting to trend. It's engaging, saturated with brand aesthetic, and combines the key functionality of a PLP with that of other storefront experiences and pages. Check out this mock-up and watch the video to see exactly how it was created: 


Elevated PLP Mock-UpBuilding Elevated PLPs in Fastr Frontend


Stunning, right? But also extremely easy to create, manage, and update. Fastr Frontend boosts efficiency and streamlines workflows in many ways and "product components" are a prime example. These elements make populating your PLPs, carousels, and any other product-related experience unbelievably convenient. Build once, use – and repeatedly reuse – anywhere. Watch this:


Creating Product Components in Fastr Frontend




Ecommerce Shopping Experiences: Easy as 1, 2, 3


1. Get Inspired:

Scroll through the Fastr Inspiration Gallery to see more examples of carousels, quickviews, and PLPs – and, for Fastr Frontend users looking for a creative kickstart, reach out to the Fastr Support Team to have any of the blueprints copied into your account. 


2. Get Equipped:

Watch the recordings of the latest Design Labs to get armed and ready for your next carousel creation, PLP glow-up, or customer-catering quickview design project:


3. Get Building:

Lean on the Fastr Community as you're turning that blank Canvas into an engagement-capturing, revenue-driving digital shopping experience; that's where you'll find helpful articles and step-by-step guidance on leveraging all Fastr Frontend capabilities including the custom actions and features mentioned in this blog post.

And be sure to join us for the next Design Lab to stay up to Fastr speed on beautiful, efficient experience composition.