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Top Ecommerce Tactics: Enriching Personalized Shopping Experiences with Quizzes

May 31st, 2024 | 15 min. read

Top Ecommerce Tactics: Enriching Personalized Shopping Experiences with Quizzes Blog Feature

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Holding the attention of ecommerce shoppers is a challenge – and a mounting one at that. Consumers nowadays expect personalization, relevancy, and to find what they need without a hitch. Couple those heightened demands with the culture of instant gratification and information overload, and the hurdles multiply. 


Quizzes are a top ecommerce tactic that clears some of these hurdles – engaging shoppers and enabling brands and retailers to present customers with a light at the end of the long and winding tunnel of product choices and buying decisions. In this blog, you'll learn about the extensive benefits of quizzes, the ins and outs of the tools that help to create them, and how to determine the best quiz-building solution for your ecommerce team.



The Role of Quizzes in Ecommerce


If we look at the broader purpose quizzes serve from the consumer's perspective, the goal is to essentially learn something about yourself based on potential answers and interests. Whether a trivial topic like “What type of burger are you?” or something more substantial like “Which is the perfect vacation spot for me?”, the result of the quiz often makes you pause and reflect on yourself. It could uncover something about your personality, your likes and dislikes, or a curious insight you’ve never thought of before. 



Kendra Scott's "Hey Elisa!" Quiz

Kendra Scott strategically leveraged the power of giving shoppers the floor to express

their selves. They used Fastr Frontend to build a quiz that connects shoppers with one of their

top-selling necklaces based on their personality, preferences, and self-described style.



On top of being a fun and interactive way to engage shoppers, quizzes are a powerful tactic that ecommerce brands use for a few highly beneficial purposes: 


  • Brand expression – Quizzes are extremely malleable and customizable, and they’re all about speaking your customer’s language while aligning the experience with your brand. A modern furniture brand might want to mix preference questions with personality ones to create a quiz that acknowledges their audience while weaving in some storytelling about their brand’s values. 


  • Gathering important data – Looking for a discreet way to collect some powerful data? Quizzes can harvest zero-party data – first-hand information about your shoppers. This data is marketing gold and can fuel curated product recommendations and targeted marketing both immediately following the quiz and in the future. 


  • Elevating personalization – Once you personalize the customer shopping experience, you’ll have a much better chance of hitting the conversion jackpot. According to Accenture, 83% of consumers willingly share data if they get to reap a more personalized experience. When you go granular and truly take advantage of consumer data, you can roll out the red carpet for shoppers with highly tailored experiences that lead to maximum customer satisfaction. 


  • Simplifying the path to purchase – Although quizzes are a pit stop on the buying journey, they ultimately result in a shortened path to purchase. By using quiz responses to lead shoppers directly to the products best suited for them, you simplify and streamline the customer journey, cut out decision fatigue, and – in a saturated, highly competitive ecommerce market – significantly lessen the chance of your shopper navigating away from your page to continue browsing elsewhere. 



Building Quizzes with Fastr Frontend: Design & Data Freedom


Of all the Fastr Frontend-facilitated use cases, quizzes are one of the most commonly leveraged. Our platform users have the advantage of complete design freedom within Fastr Frontend's Experience Canvas – where the design magic happens. With free-form, no-template flexibility, organized brand asset libraries, animations and effects, flex layouts to optimize experiences for any screen size, and advanced design tools all within a familiar user interface, ecommerce teams have the power to design quizzes of any kind, in any format, however they desire. From whimsical personality trait-based style quizzes to product curation quizzes that act as a personal shopper, Fastr Frontend offers complete creative control and leaves generic-looking quizzes in the dust.


In addition to full design freedom, our platform also has the quiz-building benefit of data freedom. Fastr Frontend users can connect to any existing data source such as an ecommerce platform or CRM or can input their quiz data into any kind of spreadsheet such as Airtable from which the quiz experience will pull data in real-time. For faster, easier management after your experience goes live, your questions, product data, and point allotments can all be edited in the spreadsheet – without having to redesign.



Weber's "Grill Finder" Quiz

Weber used a Fastr Frontend-built quiz to act as a personal shopper that simplifies the

customer journey – helping to bypass the overwhelm of navigating a wide variety of

options and fast-track barbecue shoppers to the decision and purchase stages.



Spoiled with Choice: Other Quiz-Making Tools & Solutions


With the increased popularity of digital quiz experiences, there are a variety of point solutions available to brands wanting to reap the benefits of this top ecommerce tactic. Let's check out some of the popular options:




Jebbit allows businesses to create quizzes and similar interactive modules like lead forms and surveys. What’s interesting about this specific platform is that it captures valuable zero-party customer data and then focuses on providing the customer value. Instead of being hyper-focused on quiz creation and customization, Jebbit prides itself on data collection and integration. Working alongside some big CRM and ecommerce platforms, Jebbit integrates with Salesforce, Hubspot, SAP, Mailchimp, Spotify, and more to simplify your workflow. 


The downside of Jebbit is that it’s a templated solution, meaning there’s not much wiggle room when it comes to true customization. It’s also quite pricey considering the limited capabilities it provides, especially as other solutions can provide more for less. This might make it an unsuitable choice if you’re on a tight budget. 




Justuno markets itself as a site experience creator, where brands can enhance their website through gamification and personalization features to improve conversion rates. Their offerings are quite broad, as they use a variety of elements to achieve specific business goals like higher opt-in rates and moving visitors more swiftly down the funnel. Some of their capabilities include “others also liked” modules, spin-to-win wheels, tailored messaging, and, of course, quizzes and surveys. Justuno supports analytics tools like Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics, as well as other ecommerce gems like Klaviyo and Hubspot. 


Their pricing depends on how many monthly visitors you receive, which naturally increases as your traffic scales. They’ve also got the Justuno Plus plan for more complex needs that comes with a dedicated CRO Strategist and AI-powered product recommendation engine. 


Presidio: Quiz Kit 


Presidio’s Quiz Kit was built for the sole purpose of creating an attractive and effective quiz. It’s an easy way to get started with this tactic, thanks to their 20 professional templates that can be personalized to fit your brand specifications. There are also six logic types to showcase your inventory based on your goals and audience, as well as A/B testing to optimize your quiz performance. With the advanced plan, you can send personalized recommendations right into a customer’s inbox. Pricing is based on a tiered structure and the number of quiz engagements, with extra costs per additional engagement.  The tool syncs with merchant tools, analytics platforms, and other useful ecommerce applications. 


Convert Flow 


Convert Flow aims to organize the ecommerce conversion funnel through personalized solutions such as landing pages, pop-ups, quizzes, forms, and product recommendations. Just like the aforementioned quiz creation platforms, the platform boasts a no-code builder and a range of templates for all sorts of industries and desired outcomes. Ultimately, however, their drag-and-drop elements are quite limited, going not very far past forms, text boxes, and buttons.  


Where Convert Flow stands out is its quiz targeting capabilities, with granular targeting rules and triggers that display quizzes at the best time possible. Also, the platform has direct integrations with plenty of ecommerce software and details exactly how you can pair the two for the best use-case scenario. In terms of pricing, they use a tiered structure with increases in price based on monthly views. There is a free plan for up to 1,000 views but with limited features. 



The Sak's "Bolinas Clog" Survey

 The Sak leveraged a Fastr Frontend-built product feedback quiz to capture customers' input and gauge

their interest in seeing men's styles and sizes added to their line of clogs – an interactive way to both engage

shoppers and enable the brand to make an informed decision about the direction of their product line.



How to Select the Right Quiz-Making Solution


In order to choose the right tool to enable the building and orchestration of your ecommerce quizzes, you'll have to weigh your options and consider – in addition to budget – what will work best for your team, the adoption learning curve, what functionality you need now, and what purpose and value the tool will serve in the future.


In contrast with easy quiz solutions that have more templates to help you get on the right foot, Fastr Frontend may have less of a guided user experience but gives you free creative reign. Learning our platform – with the help of Fastr Community articles, webinars, and a responsive support team – is an investment in efficiency across your web experience creation process.  


Other solutions might offer built-in analytics – capturing and storing analytics specific to your quiz – but by seamlessly connecting to your existing analytics tools, any Fastr Frontend-built experiences can be easily tagged and tracked so all of your analytics are in one, familiar place – not multiple. 


While quiz-building point solutions can, of course, be sufficiently effective for quizzes, there’s not much more they can do. You might be laser-focused on quizzes now, but what about the vast array of web experiences that you envision creating over the upcoming year?   


It can be tempting to resort to tools that specialize in one type of application – and you may choose the path of searching for, learning, managing, and paying for a variety of point solutions. But one of the most valuable benefits of adopting a single, multi-functional platform is tech consolidation. Streamlining your tech stack means fewer subscriptions and monthly payments, getting rid of the potential for redundancy, centralized data and tool management, simplified troubleshooting, faster onboarding of new employees, and fewer learning curves for ecommerce teams.


The biggest draw to Fastr Frontend is that our Digital Experience Composition platform replaces a myriad of one-off point solutions. With its limitless integration power, Experience Canvas, and behavior orchestration capabilities, non-developers have full control to design, deploy, test, and manage not just quizzes, but any customized shopping experience. Additionally, Fastr Frontend’s built-in Accessibility Panel – boosted by FastrAI – can accelerate efficient accessibility management of experience elements to ensure discoverability and usability of the quiz by everyone.  


The reality for most ecommerce brands and retailers is that an all-encompassing platform that facilitates a multitude of use cases – with full tech integration and without dev resources – promises more functionality, flexibility, and growth so that their teams can do more, faster.



The Power of Well-Executed Quizzes 


Simple yet mighty, the possibilities with quiz creation are endless, and the benefits you receive from those interactions are unbeatable. With Fastr Frontend, it’s not just about easily designing and orchestrating beautiful, interactive quizzes for your shoppers but also any bespoke shopping experiences that will facilitate and enhance engagement, lead generation, product discovery, data collection, and conversions. 


If full creative control, limitless tech and data integration, bypassing development handoffs, experimentation scalability, accessibility enablement, and a no-nonsense interface that equips your team to build quizzes and a wealth of other bespoke digital shopping experiences sounds like a fit, let's chat about how Fastr Frontend can add growth action to your brand's growth goals.