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Cosabella: Customer Success Story

March 29th, 2018 | 2 min. read

Cosabella: Customer Success Story Blog Feature

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Cosabella's Content Production Dilemma

Italian luxury lingerie retailer Cosabella is a brand rooted in, and devoted to, beauty and femininity. With luxurious products and lush photography, the marketing team had the digital assets and the creative vision. But the process to get these assets on rich landing pages was arduous and expensive. Coding the experiences could take up to three weeks, making it difficult to make updates to the site. The digital marketing team was frustrated with the lack of control; they found themselves relying on either an outside web developer, or their already over-burdened IT manager. Neither option was giving them the results they wanted. The effects of these challenges were visible; the content Cosabella was producing didn’t match the inspiration of the brand. Their shoppers only saw typical product grids, that didn’t express the beauty and value of their products. When they did invest time and resources into more creative pages for seasonal and holiday campaigns, it was incredibly challenging to deliver something engaging without the ability to work quickly and control the creative output. Cosabella needed to take their content production in a new direction.

Taking Back Ownership

This desire for creative control lead them to Creator by Zmags. When Zmags reached out to Cosabella, the retailer immediately recognized the tool’s potential to not only put content production back in their hands, but for that content to go beyond standard product grids. They saw the opportunity for rich, dynamic, and shoppable content, and realized that with Creator, they could create content in days instead of weeks. Want the whole story? Download the exclusive Cosabella case study, and learn how the Cosabella marketing and creative team took back creative control with Creator by Zmags, and built rich content campaigns that inspire and convert. Get the case study here