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Seize The Day: Time Saving Hacks For Content Marketing

September 25th, 2018 | 4 min. read

Seize The Day: Time Saving Hacks For Content Marketing Blog Feature

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Blogs and budgets are due and Q4 is about to begin. To be candid, you may be dropping the ball as you figure out what is the priority and what is not. Creative content is crucial for many aspects of your business. Not only does rich imagery look aesthetically pleasing, but it also can increase your  search traffic by 13.15%. Zmags reported that 26 percent of retailers say a prolonged design process was their greatest barrier to content creation, while 67 percent said it takes a week or more to get rich content online. Well, have no fear because Zmags is here to give you time-saving hacks to boost your content.   Hit The Nail on the Head(line) A great way to generate clickable traction is to make catchy, shareable headlines. This is the first thing they will see and you have about 8 seconds to grab readers’ attention, before losing them to your competitors. Adding a teaser to your headline can generate curiosity and increase your click and sharing rates. As readers are taken on a journey from your headline to your content, they will begin to equate the quality of your content creation with your overall brand. By spending more time on your headline, and less on the actual body of your copy, you can almost instantly generate leads regardless of your copy.   Go Viral Sure, it may seem like an outlandish “hack,” but planning content that invokes strong emotions or relatable situations will get the most shares or retweet allowing the number of impressions to increase. Being able to create content that makes people laugh or move them increases your chances that they will share your ideas. Business Insider and Statista charted the emotions that are the most likely to go viral:  Time Saving Hacks The better your engagement, the better your reach – not just for individual updates but for all social media platforms. One viral post can boost your following and engagement by raising your brand awareness several folds.   Lengthy Articles While you may find it hard to write long blog posts or articles, actually increasing the number of words can boost your SEO. Not only does Google love in-depth articles, but so do your customers. By carefully analyzing every detail a reader may want to know, it makes your article stand out as quality content. Marketing Experiments discovered that long-form content creation converted 30% higher than a shorter version on its homepage. Some tips to writing longer posts include picking larger topics you can segment within the article, long-tail keywords, add relevant graphics, and linking out to authority sites. The key here is content over quality. Having one great post detailed and accessible to prospects can generate more views, shares, and inquiries than several mediocre posts.     Want more time-saving hacks? Check out our new EBook: Time is Money: Time-Saving Hacks For The Digital Marketer .