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Creator Conversations: 3 Tips for Building a Personalization Strategy

March 17th, 2022 | 2 min. read

Creator Conversations: 3 Tips for Building a Personalization Strategy Blog Feature

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Personalization is everywhere and can no longer be luxury. Any brand that needs to connect with their customers, needs a tight personalization strategy.

After sharing omnichannel approaches, Director of Product, Allison Vernerey, is back on Creator Conversations to share three insights to consider when building a personalization strategy. 

🔥Three Insights: 

Insight 1: Bad personalization is worse than none at all

Bad personalization can actually be more harmful to your brand than no personalization. So it's important to be careful when putting out personalized content, as it needs to be relevant to your customers. Otherwise it will turn them off to your brand and they will go somewhere else for their purchases. 

Insight 2: Over personalizing can be limiting 

If you personalize too much, it can reduce the opportunities for your customers to discover more of your product inventory and spend more time on your website and other digital channels. 

Strategize with your team to pinpoint where you want to personalize experiences and where you want to keep things open so your customers can freely explore your website. 

Insight 3: The entire experience matters 

Personalization is not only focused on products; you can focus on personalization of the content on the page. Think about personalization in terms of the copy you put out there and other things than just a simple product carousel. 

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