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Amazon Prime Day 2017: How Are You Celebrating?

July 12th, 2017 | 4 min. read

Amazon Prime Day 2017: How Are You Celebrating? Blog Feature

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Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and now - Amazon Prime Day. It is a huge opportunity for the retailer, and in three short years has become a celebrated event. It was estimated that Amazon reached over $525 million in sales last year ( http://www.cnbc.com/) - and that number is only expected to grow. To celebrate Amazon Prime Day 2017, Zmags took to the streets of Boston to discover just how consumers planned to participate. We asked thousands, if not dozens, of impatient people on their lunch break just how they take part in Prime Day.

Amazon Prime Day 2017 By The Numbers

To start, almost all of those surveyed - about 93% - were fully aware that it was Prime Day. No matter their age or gender, they were ready to spend. But only 23% of participants were heading into the sale knew exactly what they were going to purchase. In terms of what they were buying, for most, it was a day of luxuries. Only 21% of those surveyed said they were planning on buying essential items, such as batteries, toilet paper, etc. The rest were all happy to report they were searching for more exciting products, like clothing, electronics, or toys. What we found interesting is that most respondents planned to spend no more than $100 (70%), with only 7% planning to spend over $500. This could be biased in two main ways: one, most people tend to understate when it comes to spending. No one wants to admit they are about to splurge. And two, we conducted our survey at 1 PM in the afternoon. Most of our participants hadn't actually started to explore the sales yet, and ultimately spiral down the rabbit hole of sales. They might go into the day planning on spending no more than a hundred dollars, but that might change once they see all their options. Interestingly, we had hypothesized that of those who reported knowing exactly what they were to purchase, most would be under the age of 40, and all would be under 30. We assumed that the generation who is more tuned in to social media and online trends would be more likely to prepare for Amazon Prime Day by searching the sales ahead of time. In reality, there was a fairly even cross-section of age ranges. Which is good news for Amazon; Prime Day extends across all age groups. Finally, we asked our survey takers if they were planning on making any holiday shopping purchases - whether that be Hanukkah presents or secret Santa gifts. Only 13.3% of respondents said yes - and to them, we salute you and your level of preparedness. So what can we take away from this experiment? Every Prime Member we surveyed was aware of Prime Day, and all were excited to participate. Though the spending varies wildly, every drop in the bucket counts. There is a reason Amazon Prime Day has become an ecommerce event, and we can't wait to see where it goes next.