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Email Marketing Statistics Essential From 2018

October 18th, 2018 | 4 min. read

Email Marketing Statistics Essential From 2018 Blog Feature

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Pumpkin spice and everything nice. Fall in Boston is arguably the prettiest season with the most festive activities around. As we are snuggling up in our sweaters and sipping mulled wine, new email marketing trends have emerged during the autumn season. Recently, SaleCycle released an updated list of email marketing statistics in 2018 and we're here to update you all on the end of the year trends!  

Is Email Marketing Worth It?

While many have claimed email is no longer the major contender for marketing, email campaigns still deliver the best return of investment. According to Econsultancy’s  2017 Email Marketing Census , out of 689 companies, three-quarters of respondents reported email marketing is good or excellent for ROI. More so, the average proportion of total sales that client-side marketers can attribute to their email marketing is 22%.   GetResponse broke emails marketing into each industry with its  Email Marketing Benchmarks 2018:   Email marketing statistics  

Subject Lines

Subject lines may be the hardest one-liners to catch the eyes of customers but out of 500 SaleCycle clients, about 43% and 46% opened when the company name and customer name, respectively, was incorporated into the subject line. Product name and details also had a 44% open rate. Email marketing statistics  

Left on Read

We’ve all deleted emails and never opened them. That’s why Return Path’s  Hidden Metrics of Email Deliverability report presents the percentage of emails that end up in spam folders, are replied to, forwarded, or even complained about. Specifically, this chart shows the percentage of emails deleted without being read. Sad. Email marketing statistics  

Don’t Give me ‘tude

How do people feel about email marketing? According to bluehornet survey(pdf), 1,800 US consumers reported how many times they check their email account:   Email marketing statistics  

Plan of Attack

GetResponse also looked at how different email marketing tactics impacted email open rates: Email marketing statistics Email marketing statistics Email marketing statistics   Bottom line, email marketing is still very important. We hope these stats help you fine tune your email marketing strategy!