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Introducing the Creator Content Marketing Platform

April 28th, 2015 | 2 min. read

Introducing the Creator Content Marketing Platform Blog Feature

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We have had a lot of momentum at Zmags recently, crossing the 1,500 customer threshold and launching a number of new product and marketing advancements, including the launch of a new logo and website. Today we add to these successes with the announcement of the full commercial launch of the Creator content marketing platform.   Creator gives in-house marketing professionals the tools to rapidly deploy attention-grabbing digital experiences without the need for complex coding. Already live with a handful of early retail adopters including: high-fashion handbags and accessories retailer Brahmin, fashion retailer New York & Company and luxury department store Neiman Marcus, Creator has been put through its paces. The results are amazing, delivering significant uplifts in engagement rates and a rapid return on investment. Here’s the numbers that matter:
  • 50% increase in page views during the critical first ten seconds of a site visit
  • 10X increase in page view times
  • Double digit improvements in conversion rates
We developed Creator because we recognized that today time is our most precious resource. A glance is often all you get. Marketers need powerful and intuitive tools that give them the freedom to experiment with creative ideas, collaborate and reach their consumers with attention-grabbing digital experiences in the moments that matter. Consumers expect instant digital gratification, and Creator makes it possible for marketers to deliver it.   Because Creator is based on an intuitive experience canvas that includes drag-and-drop tools, asset libraries and collaboration features, it dramatically reduces the time and complexity from ideation to publishing content on a website.
While typically a substantial eCommerce build or update might take a month, updates can now be live within minutes. Creator effectively removes IT or agency resource costs from any given omni-channel deployment or Web campaign by allowing even the technical novice to create and publish rich content. By delivering a drag-and-drop user experience analogous to PowerPoint for digital content marketing, Creator users have the freedom to add animation or video to a Web experience in seconds or experiment with digital offers and make online pricing updates, on the fly.
And, by putting rich creative as the primary retail experience, content that is deployed via Creator also greatly improves engagement-to-transaction rates. Taken together, accelerated time-to-market, improved engagement rates and the removal of IT resource costs mean that Creator delivers a return on investment within months of deployment. It makes it possible for leading companies to self-sufficiently launch rich, new content into market up to 20x faster and boost engagement times by 400%, leading to double and triple digit increases in conversion rates – and a best in class return on investment. Take a look at our new e-book, Mastering Marketing in the Moment for a deep dive on how, by looking through the Creator lens, marketing professionals can succeed in this new time-intensive paradigm, giving consumers the immediate results and interaction they crave by delivering instant digital gratification.