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Lead Acquisition Strategy: Murad Gets It Right

November 23rd, 2016 | 3 min. read

Lead Acquisition Strategy: Murad Gets It Right Blog Feature

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Courting top-of-funnel customers is a delicate business: come on too strong, and it’s an instant turn-off to a would-be buyer. When a potential customer is just being introduced to your brand, the last thing they want is to be immediately driven to a sterile, commerce-focused category page. Before a customer is ready to take the plunge and make a purchase, they need to establish that connection first. They don’t even know you, or what your brand is about, so they’re definitely not ready to buy. But then how do we get to that point?

Content-Based Lead Acquisition Strategy

If a buyer is coming in cold from a digital ad, it’s important to lead with an introduction that's authentic and engaging. This is your first impression, so make it a good one. Murad’s latest campaign is a great example of lead acquisition strategy done right. In sponsored Facebook + Instagram posts the brand advertises its Holiday Skincare Gift Guide, featuring some of their most-loved products. The ad is animated, fun, and eye-catching with wrapped presents sliding into view and holiday lights blinking. Click the ad and you’re brought to the rich media gift guide on the Murad website.

Interactive Shoppability

Murad’s Holiday Gift Guide is fun and animated like the Facebook ad, introducing the Murad brand while adding context to their visit for a new potential customer. It’s a helpful guide for buying holiday gifts for everyone on their list. Categories like “For the Beauty Savvy,” and “For Mom” help the customer navigate themselves to products will fit their needs. Should they see something they like, they can simply click to immediately add to cart, or to learn more about the product. It’s important that customers can buy directly from this campaign page, so they stay in the experience rather than being forced to move to a product or category page that are sterile and commerce focused. Coupled with glittery seasonal graphics, it’s an intuitive and immersive experience perfect for the average customer doing their holiday shopping.

Valuable Content: Go Beyond the Buy

What makes it so powerful for lead acquisition is the value it offers to customers. The purpose of the experience is not to present a product to buy, it’s to help customers navigate their Holday Shopping list and choose the perfect gift. And then make it incredibly easy to buy directly from the page. The Holiday Skincare Gift Guide offers value, entertainment, and inspiration. When customers first stumble upon the original Facebook or Instagram ad, they’re not looking for skincare solutions or to make a purchase, they’re checking their newsfeed. Buying a hydrating toner is the last thing on their mind. Experiences like Murad’s work so well because they understand this. So when a potential customer lands on their website, they offer something that’s equally entertaining and valuable.

Customers can check out a great guide to holiday gift giving, and also have the option to explore products further. There’s no pressure. So how can your brand strategize for  those top of funnel leads? Make sure that whatever content your customers will hit first is valuable, engaging, and interactive – it has to go beyond a sale. Allow this experience act as a friendly introduction to what your brand is about. We’re bombarded 24/7 with products and “sells.” Cut through the noise and let your content speak for itself. Your customers will appreciate it.