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Rich Magento Content Examples: Murad, Tibi, and More

April 12th, 2018 | 4 min. read

Rich Magento Content Examples: Murad, Tibi, and More Blog Feature

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As more and more consumers choose to complete their shopping online, their expectations for that online shopping experience have evolved. This holiday season ecommerce sales are expected to grow at 15.3% this holiday season.  Customers want brands to go the extra mile and provide an online shopping experience that delights, while simultaneously guiding customers to the right products.  The standard product grid cannot deliver the level of interactivity and engagement that shoppers crave. Brands that deliver an elevated shopping experience position themselves to succeed. The solution lies in rich, shoppable online campaigns like buying guides, quizzes, lookbooks, and more. Rich online campaigns like these go beyond the standard product grid to keep customers engaged, inspired, and excited while they shop. These experiences are the future of ecommerce. Below are live Magento content examples of rich online campaigns that engage and convert, built by leading Magento retailers.

Murad – Which Murad SPF Product Is Right for You?

Digital experiences that take the guesswork out of online shopping streamline the path to purchase, ultimately boost conversions and drive growth. Cosmetics brands can especially benefit from shoppable quizzes; it can be daunting to select the right foundation shade or facial cleanser without ever having tried it. But a quiz narrows down shoppers’ options and guides them to the perfect product, in an intuitive and entertaining way. Murad’s SPF Product quiz empowers customers to feel confident in their purchases. After answering a short series of questions, they are served up a sunscreen product that is suited for their unique personal needs. And with one click, that product can be added to the cart without. This campaign is an excellent example of online content that replicates the in-store shopping experience. 

Annoushka - #HowDoYouAnnoushka

Editorial content can be tricky to get right. While it is often text-heavy, it needs to remain interactive and entertaining. High-impact editorial content deepens the customer relationship by providing insight into the brand. An emotional relationship is built, and this relationship generates excitement around the brand and its products. Customers want to buy in order to feel a part of this highly curated brand experience. Annoushka’s “#HowDoYouAnnoushka” online campaign educates shoppers on the brand and the woman behind it, Annoushka Ducas. Through interactive elements like video and sliding carousels, customers remain engaged with both the experience and the products. Content like “HowDoYouAnnoushka” allow shoppers to feel closer with their favorite brand, and ultimately gives them a reason to buy. 

Tibi – 24 Hours in Tibi

Buying guides with a robust point of view stand out from the noise. Tibi’s “24 Hours in Tibi” experience has a very simple, but very creative context. The content breaks down a day as a Tibi Woman, with curated outfits for every part of the day. From an early meeting at the office to a downtown gallery opening, this buying guide is unique, fun, and embodies just what the brand is about. With styling tips and beautiful imagery, the experience is full of styling inspiration for the retailers’ trend setting shoppers. Tibi’s buying guide displays a keen understanding of who their customer is, and what will resonate with them. With features like subtle animations peppered throughout, it’s a simple but highly effective online campaign.  

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