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Interactive Content Spotlight: Kate Somerville, Madewell, Nordstrom

April 19th, 2017 | 3 min. read

Interactive Content Spotlight: Kate Somerville, Madewell, Nordstrom Blog Feature

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Check out the latest installment of the Interactive Content Spotlight, a monthly roundup of the coolest and most cutting edge ecommerce content from around the web. Enjoy!

Kate Somerville - Kate Can Glow

What it is: A multimedia experience featuring real product users

Why we love it: A good digital experience should tell a story, and this is a great example of leveraging embedded video to do just that. Here, the experience highlights two real Kate Somerville users and their own personal skincare stories. With a breakdown of their skin history, and the products they use to give them that “glow,” customers can feel confident making a similar purchase. And by featuring everyday people instead of models or actresses, the experience feels personal and relatable.

What it’s missing: It’s not easy to find the actual products in the experience. The bulleted list of each woman’s preferred skincare products is hyperlinked, but there’s no indication that they’re clickable. After watching the videos and hearing about the products, customers should be able to find and purchase them quickly. Featuring the actual product images will make it easier to locate them, and animations like rollover effects will make it clear they are clickable. 

Nordstrom – Nordstrom X Nike

What it is: An interactive experience in collaboration with Nike

Why we love it: This experience manages to have a little bit of everything through its unique set up. Four scrollable containers serve up four different types of content: a new arrivals feature, an interview with Nordstrom VP of Creative Products Olivia Kim, a visual mood board, and a styling guide. They all come together to perfectly encapsulate the Nordstrom X Nike collaboration. It’s a rich digital experience that has all its bases covered and keeps the customer engaged and on the page.

What it’s missing: Without quickviews, there aren’t many ways for shoppers to convert. Some products feature a “shop now” link - however customers are taken away from the experience to a simple product page. So, when they return to the experience, they’ve likely lost their place in the scrollable content. Nordstrom is missing a huge opportunity to increase average order values, and quickviews would easily remedy this. 

Everlane - Know Your Factories

What it is: A visual guide to Everlane’s factories around the world

Why we love it: Everlane is known for their ethical business practices, so an experience like this is the perfect way to tell that brand story. A clickable map lets customers explore where their products are sourced, and learn more about each factory. Featuring images and employees allows customers to put a face to the product, and they can sleep soundly knowing they were made ethically. The experience deepens that bond between brand and customer, and hopefully between product and customer as well.

What it’s missing: We recommend adding shoppability – it would allow customers to easily purchase the products they are learning about without forcing the sale too much. By featuring one of the sweaters made at the Core Sweater Factory in Dongguan (with integrated quickviews of course), users can buy the item they just made a personal connection to. 

Madewell - Looks We Love

What it is: A "shop the look" buying guide

Why we love it: "Shop the look" experiences are one of the best ways to showcase fashion items while providing styling inspiration. Madewell not only uses quickviews to make their outfits instantly shoppable, but makes buying the entire outfit easy. One click makes the every piece of the outfit available, neatly displayed in a perfectly on-brand quickview.

What it’s missing: We love when brands pair "shop the look" experiences with integrated gifs and videos. It allows customers to see how the products move, and provides that extra layer of richness. The photography in Madewell’s experience is beautiful, so adding a few gifs would add that final touch!