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Using Social Media In Your Fashion Week Content

January 5th, 2017 | 3 min. read

Using Social Media In Your Fashion Week Content Blog Feature

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Social media is a valuable tool for retail marketers who are looking to deliver their messaging directly to the customer, wherever they are. It’s a great way to establish a connection with the customer, or further the relationship that you’ve already built. So it’s a no-brainer that integrating social content into your eCommerce site can increase engagement and revenue. Seeing how a garment looks on a real person in their real life can help customers make a purchase decision, and give them the confidence to add to cart.

Social Media Content Creation + Onsite Shoppability

 Tibi does an excellent job combining social content with instant shoppability. Their “Tibi on the Street” experience features street style images from Instagram taken by real customers and stylists, allowing users to see just how the clothes look on real people. To add more credibility and connect with real customers, they include the Instagram handle of the fashionista they showcase. Like what you see? Click on the plus signs, and you are quickly navigated to a purchase page to efficiently add the item to your cart.  Further down the page is an Instagram banner, linking out to the company Instagram page. It’s a nice touch, allowing users to continue to explore Tibi’s social media presence. The Tibi girl is fashion-forward and trend aware, so including Instagram in their eCommerce site is a powerful way to reach out and connect (and give assurance that their outfits are on-the-mark). 

Know Your Audience 

 Home and furniture retailer Dormify features social media in a similar way, including real and shoppable Instagram images from customers on their inspiration page. Dormify’s target audience is college-aged women looking to add trendiness and style to their normally ho-hum dorm room; in short, they are selling to the social media generation, a market that gets their information and entertainment from Instagram and Twitter. Featuring social content on their eCommerce site is a smart strategy, proving that Dormify knows how to connect with their customers. 

New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week officially kicks off in February, and we can’t think of a better time to add this social content to your digital experiences. NYFW is a rapid-fire marathon of shows and celebrities, so for those who are not lucky enough to have first-row seats, social media allows incredible access. Suddenly, it’s not just the one-percent who can check out the latest collection from Chanel the moment it hits the runway. With an audience armed with Instagram, the whole world has access. Featuring NYFW social content carries this accessibility through your eCommerce site.

It’s rich, of-the-moment content that engages the customer while still capturing the excitement of the live event. For brands whose collections are eCommerce-ready, offer your customers a fun and engaging experience incorporating social media posts from the show, or backstage with the models. Immerse them in the experience while offering shoppability! For brands whose collections aren't readily available online, consider an experience that includes shoppable images of attendees that are currently available. Incorporate images from the runway as a peek into seasons ahead, allowing customers to see the hottest upcoming trends.