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On Trend: Top Interactive Trends of November

November 13th, 2018 | 4 min. read

On Trend: Top Interactive Trends of November Blog Feature

Jessica Keefe

Jessica is an integrated marketing leader specializing in strategic B2B and B2C enterprise solutions.

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  With the holiday season upon us, brands and marketers are struggling to find ways to stand out from their competition. But November is introducing various interactive trends to enhance the customer experience. From AR tarot readings to immersive skincare pop-ups, check out our favorite interactive trends of the month!  

Bring Out the Big Brands

Coca-Cola’s  VenCycling Machines are a good representative of sustainable brand values. The well-known company newest concept attempts to encourage consumers to consistently practice good recycling techniques. When consumers have good practices, they are incentivized with free mobile credits. November is introducing various interactive trends   Social media trends never cease to disappoint. From the controversial Tide Pod challenge to Drake-inspired “In My Feelings” challenge, millions of views have been generated. And now, the people at Oreo have decided to create a social campaign around cookie-drawn eyebrows. The #oreobrows Oreo challenge has people making snack-like eyebrow art. November is introducing various interactive trends  

Out of This World AR

Augmented Reality (AR) is considered one of the biggest digital game changers, especially for ecommerce. A great example is Jägermeister’s ‘Divine the Darke’ Experience. Featuring AR Tarot Card Readings, it on brings all things mystical to their subscribed Snapchat-ers. November is introducing various interactive trends   In another example of AR, Moschino x H&M created an immersive experience with the Magic Leap One, a head-mounted virtual retinal display. Users can superimpose virtual models of lamps and another room décor atop a real-world dresser, with the digital objects shown to scale, to help the user determine how those items might look within the space. November is introducing various interactive trends    

Everyone Wants In

Exclusivity and limited editions are one thing. But buying premier cars only through social media outlets is another thing. Renault Italy is bringing 100 of its Captur Tokyo Edition SUV—and it will sell them for the first time through a Facebook Messenger chatbot. What’s groundbreaking about the campaign is that for the first time, interested buyers can interact with this “mysterious” character’s Facebook messenger chatbot to directly pre-order one of the limited-edition SUVs. November is introducing various interactive trends     From top brands to exclusive social selling, new trends in interactive activities can up a company’s storytelling ability. Those retailers that reap the biggest benefits of AR and VR will be the ones willing to invest resources early and fully commit to the technology. With smaller brands, they can take a page from Oreo or Coca-Cola to increase their reach and engagement with customers and potential buyers. Any of these interactive trends allow shoppers to break through the decades-old uncertainty from the buying process.