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Game Changer: Transform Any Design into a Digital Experience

September 13th, 2021 | 5 min. read

Game Changer: Transform Any Design into a Digital Experience Blog Feature

Alex Spiret

Alex is a Brand and Marketing Programs Manager specializing in design and content development.

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When it comes to implementing marketing campaigns and programs, each team is unique - and so are the design files used to bring their creatives to life. Marketers and designers can choose between dozens of design and image file types, and create them in different tools.

No matter what file type your team uses, Creator is designed to work with any design file, making your unique process more efficient than ever. 

Before we get ahead of ourselves, let's take a step back and go over the different design file types out there.

Understanding the different design and image file types

Some design file formats are fully editable with multiple layers, while other image formats are finished, meaning they are fixed and can't be edited. There are also raster images that are composed of pixels and can't be stretched without compromising the quality and distorting the image. Compared to vector images, which are composed of proportional formulas making the file flexible for resizing.

First things first, let's break down the most common design file formats:

AI - Adobe Illustrator - vector & editable file

PSD - Adobe Photoshop - editable file

FIG - Figma - editable file

JSON - Sketch - editable file

INDD - InDesign - vector & editable file

PDF - Portable document format  - vector & typically finished file that can be edited in some programs

EPS - Encapsulated PostScript - vector & editable file

SVG - Scalable Vector Graphics - vector & editable file

JPG & JPEG - Joint Photographic Export Groups - raster & finished file

PNG - Portable. Network Graphics - raster & finished file 

TIFF - Tagged Image File Format - vector & finished file

GIF - Graphics Interchange format - raster & finished file

WebP - Web Picture Format - raster & finished file

EXR - OpenEXR - raster & typically finished file that can be edited in some programs

DXF - Drawing Interchange Format or Drawing Exchange Format - vector & editable file

Most people have a preference for which tool they use to design. These are the digital image formats that these popular design tools can export:

Sketch: PNG, JPG, TIFF, WebP


InDesign: PDF, EPS, JPG

Illustrator: AI, PDF, EPS, FXG, SVG 




Converting design files no longer has to be a heavy lift

We know that turning a design concept into a live web experience can be a hassle. The more often you have to jump between different tools and file types and relying on the bandwidth of your developers, the more time you lose - and the more likely you miss deadlines and KPIs. That's why we set out to make Creator your seamless one-stop digital experience design tool for marketers.

There is a new patent-pending innovation available with Creator - which will remove the manual steps that slow down your creative process and get your designs live instantly. And we mean ANY design file in actual seconds.


Go from creative idea to digital experience in seconds


Design file conversion is a game changer for eCommerce marketers


To meet the increasing demands of the eCommerce world, marketers need to produce impactful interactive content to keep up with constant market changes and competition. Brands that publish visually impactful content with layered and dynamic shoppablility regularly engage their target audiences while continuing to generate conversions. With Creator's design file conversion capabilities, marketers no longer have to wait weeks for developers to build content; instead, they now have complete control. 


Ryan's Quote


This Creator release frees up development/IT teams' time and saves costs on external third parties resources, AND  marketing teams are empowered to bring their creative vision to life in the way they intend. Just imagine being able to upload your Figma, Sketch, Photoshop, Illustrator, Pdf or XD file directly to your website in mere seconds, adding the interactivity and animations to bring it to life in just a few clicks. It'll be a game-changer to your current process. With the amount of time you'll save, you could be publishing more content and do all those things you could only dream of trying.

If your mind is as blown away by this as ours (even though we're the ones who created this innovative technology) learn more about Creator's design file capabilities.