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Don’t Forget Your Current Site When Replatforming

January 1st, 2020 | 2 min. read

Don’t Forget Your Current Site When Replatforming Blog Feature

Molly Armando

Molly is an experienced Client Success Manager with a demonstrated history of working within the technology and SaaS industry.

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Replatforming is a notoriously stressful process that every digital marketer dreads. It’s a massive undertaking that involves RFPs, multiple third parties, and aggressive project timelines that stretch months. Everyone feels the heat. Everyone is trying to stay on time and on budget.

And if you’re on Magento 1, replatforming is really front of mind. But what about your current site? You’ve still got revenue targets and customer expectations to meet. Customers don’t care that you are taking on a complex project to deliver them a better customer experience in six months. They want a cool experience now. They want to interact with your brand outside of a product grid or a social post. They want buying guides, outfit builders, product match quizzes, and interactive holiday content (yes, I went there).

If you’re replatforming now, you’ve got holidays to think about. And this year’s holiday season is shorter. Cyber Monday is in December this year. This shortens the traditional holiday shopping season by nearly a week or 20% from last year’s early Black Friday kick-off. Retailers have to capitalize on every single day to hit their year-over-year goals. This complicates matters for retailers.

Retailers have notoriously small eCommerce teams. Delivering these experiences on Magento 1 requires heavy coding (Spoiler alert: It’s the same on M2, SFCC, and Shopify+). Retailers rarely have the frond-end developer resources in-house. They end up paying big bucks to their agency or SI to code it. Or worse, doing nothing and delivering the same stale experience. Neither is a great option. You’ve just spent loads on a new platform. It’s difficult to justify throwing more at your agency or SI to code it. The site is only going to be up a few more months, so it’s a sunk cost with limited benefits.

Retailers are between a rock and a hard place. This is exactly why retailers choose Creator. They need to create rich, engaging experiences in minutes that drive revenue. They want to empower their marketing/eCommerce/design teams to create cool content without having to code or talk to IT. They want content that doesn’t break the bank. And the best part? Creator works with any platform so you can republish any content onto your new platform in minutes. Learn More.