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Creator Conversations: 3 Ways to Make Amazon Work for Your Brand

March 18th, 2022 | 2 min. read

Creator Conversations: 3 Ways to Make Amazon Work for Your Brand Blog Feature

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After attending the Boston eCommerce Summit, Allison Vernerey joins Creator Conversations to share the top three tips on how to make Amazon work for your brand. Let's jump right in!

🔥Three Tips: 

Tip 1: Be critical before entering 

Having your brand on Amazon greatly helps your search presence and increases conversions, but there are also tons of hidden costs and constraints. 

It's vital to take the time to a risk and value assessment before diving in to Amazon. 

Tip 2: Join alpha and beta programs

If you do dive in, a quick tip is to get yourself on to the new tech products that Amazon is rolling out in their alpha and beta programs. By becoming a part of those you can get more visibility and get in front of more customers. 

Tip 3: Decide on being third or first party

Really think critically if you want to be a third or first party. As a third party you have control of the price and assortment. And as a first party you have more control overall, which makes sense if you have an expensive return. 

If you want to make inventory Amazon's "problem," and if you want to be covering more volume you can also choose both, as that will give you more coverage and ensure you have enough scale and resources. 

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