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Creator Conversations: Overcome Common Magento Challenges

February 10th, 2022 | 3 min. read

Creator Conversations: Overcome Common Magento Challenges Blog Feature

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Looking for more creative freedom when using Magento Page Builder?

Senior Solutions Engineer Asafe Nogueira stops by for another Creator Conversations to explains how using Creator with Magento can level up your digital experiences.

UX and Design teams from brands like Signature Hardware and J.McLaughlin use Creator in tandem with Magento to create interactive content experiences for their websites with flexibility and agility like never before. 

So, how can you break the mold by using these powerful tools together? Let us show you how. 

🔥 Solution 1: Full creative control. 

Many eCommerce brands were dealing with HTML templates, meaning that whenever they needed to update content, they would need to go to the content block and find the line they had to change, then revise that reference to an image or link. Or, they would have to lean on their developer team to develop more code. Either option is a time sucking process and Magento recognized this and introduced Page Builder; however templated components or tools are needed to make these pages. 

With Creator, teams are empowered with the option to build designs from scratch or upload your design file - whether it's Figma, Sketch, Photoshop - and have it converted into an experience that is fully enriched with merchandising and interactivity. 

And the best part: you can build an entire experience, like a landing page, with only a small section of content and publish it to the existing page, providing the flexibility and full control to respond to trends and changes with inventory. 

🔥 Solution 2: Make content shoppable.  

From a shoppability aspect, Magento users can build pages but are often limited to product carousels or tiles. Creator provides the ability to create more dynamic options within Page Builder, such as a banner.

For example, that banner is an image of a dining room where you can merchandise each individual item by placing calls to action to give visitors a shortcut to add that product to cart instantly. This functionality can be carried over to all digital experiences built in Creator, whether it's a product quiz or a gift guide.

🔥 Solution 3: Seamlessly integrate existing eCommerce functionality.  

By using Creator, you have flexibility to bring together all your eCommerce functionalities - from shoppability and design file to the other plugins that your website uses. This seamless process provides you the agility and ease to run the eCommerce story as your brand sees fit. 

Learn more about how supercharge your digital experiences by combining Creator with Magento

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