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New Creator by Zmags Product Features

April 11th, 2019 | 1 min. read

New Creator by Zmags Product Features Blog Feature

Cait Porte

Cait is a Senior Vice President, Product and Customer Experience. She's an experienced product leader adept at working with cross-functional teams to launch products that meet and exceed the needs of eCommerce brands.

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After working closely with our customers to gather feedback on their content creation process, we have some big news: Zmags is proud to announce a whole host of new features that will make content creation easier and more effective than ever. Below are four new Creator capabilities that we can’t wait for you to see:  

eCommerce Reporting - We’ve always given our customers the power to connect, create, and convert… now, it’s time to measure. With in-platform reporting, Creator users can see exactly how their content is generating revenue. This easy-to-access data (including metrics like add-to-carts, product views, and custom purchase events) allows customers to make more informed decisions about their content marketing.

Inventory Alerting – Creator-built content allows brands to showcase their most popular products on their website in unique and engaging ways; but there’s nothing more frustrating for a consumer than discovering that one of those products is out of stock. With Creator’s new Inventory Alerting feature, Creator users receive an email notification the moment one of the items featured in any Creator experience is out of stock. This gives them the agility to quickly update their content and keep their digital experiences up-to-date.

The Enhanced Product Widget – We heard our customers loud and clear; it’s time-consuming to have to update every experience when a product’s price or description changes. The new Enhanced Product Widget integrated into your eCommerce system by tying into existing product inventory. When product information changes or is updated in your database, Creator automatically incorporates this adjustment into your live content. An item has suddenly gone on sale? Simply edit the inventory feed to update all your Creator experiences at once.

A New UI – Recently, Creator has undergone a little bit of a facelift. It’s still the Creator you know and love, but just a little sleeker and more intuitive. It’s Creator, all grown up.