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Interactive Content Spotlight: Reebok, Ann Taylor, Neutrogena

January 25th, 2018 | 3 min. read

Interactive Content Spotlight: Reebok, Ann Taylor, Neutrogena Blog Feature

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Check out the latest installment of the Interactive Content Spotlight, a monthly roundup of the coolest and most cutting edge eCommerce content examples from around the web. Enjoy!

Reebok – Rally

What it is: A long-form shop-the-look experience

Why we love it: This interactive athletic wear buying guide is a great example of an experience that encourages engagement. Reebok’s digital experience keeps shoppers interacting with their content through easy navigation, shop-the-look features, and informational features. Customers can click through several collections with a wide variety of options, but because they are so highly curated and inspirational, it’s never overwhelming. Shoppers can easily find everything they need for the gym on this one page, making their online shopping experience simple, streamlined, and enjoyable.

What it’s missing: We love how every item and image is clickable in this experience; by making them quickview enabled as well, shoppers would stay on the page throughout the purchase process, increasing the opportunity for upsells.  

Ann Taylor – Remix Your Closet

What it is: An interactive shop-the-look buying guide

Why we love it: Ann Taylor’s buying guide is fun, creative, and innovative. It takes a problem all consumers have – “How can I get more use out of my clothes?" – and provides a solution within a shoppable digital experiences. Users click through sliding carousels to “remix” an outfit. This shop-the-look feature provides priceless styling inspiration, while smart animations are sure to delight customers. We love how this experience makes shopping fun, while providing shoppers with helpful tips and tricks. As a final touch, every item on the page is instantly shoppable through quickviews, encouraging upsells and making purchases a breeze.

What it’s missing: This experience is already a homerun. To send it over the edge, we recommend including user-generated content. Consumers trust other consumers, and seeing how great a blouse or skirt looks on a fellow shopper could be the extra encouragement they need to make a purchase. 

Ralph Lauren – The Team USA Collection

What it is: A video buying guide

Why we love it: Of-the-moment content satisfies the consumer’s need for fresh shopping experiences, and conveys a brand is tuned-in to the world around it. Currently, there is nothing more “of-the-moment” than the winter Olympics, and fashion brand Ralph Lauren brings it to life in their video-enabled buying guide. Featuring a collection of videos with real Olympians sharing their personal stories, the experience delivers an emotional element that contributes to a strong brand relationship. Video is a high-impact way to add interactivity to an experience, and Ralph Lauren used them here to create an emotional connection with the shopper.

What it’s missing: This experience is highly inspirational and easily navigated, but adding integrated quickviews would make it easy to shop as well. When customers can make a purchase within an experience, they are more likely to stay on the page and continue shopping.   

Neutrogena – Skin 360

What it is: An educational long-form experience

Why we love it: This experience educates the shopper on Neutrogena’s upcoming app and accompanying technology, Skin 360. This is a great example of how a standard product page can be transformed into a dynamic digital experience. The page educates the shopper on their Skin 360 technology through copy and visual imagery, while videos allow customers to engage further with the content. Neutrogena manages to pack a large volume of information into this experience, but its thoughtful design ensures the shopper is never overwhelmed. While the Skin 360 isn’t currently available to purchase, we love that the experience still provides the opportunity to convert through an email list form.

What it’s missing: Making this experience’s beautiful imagery clickable and interactive, whether through gifs, animations, or lightboxes, would deliver the advanced interactivity that online consumers have come to expect.