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Maximize Marketing Reach: A Glance At The Customer Is All You Get

June 15th, 2015 | 3 min. read

Maximize Marketing Reach: A Glance At The Customer Is All You Get Blog Feature

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I am pleased to announce the publication of the second article we were invited to publish as part of our eCommerce Marketing and instant digital gratification series showcased in MarTech. As mobile devices increasingly become the main way many of us access our favorite Internet content and brands, perhaps no topic is more important these days than "reach". In this article, I examine the rise of the omni-channel consumer and the impact that trend is having on marketers everywhere.

Maximize Marketing Reach: A Glance At The Customer Is All You Get

Columnist Brian Rigney discusses how marketers can deliver richness and brand identity across all channels and devices to turn a glance into a deep dive. The window of opportunity to get a browsing consumer’s attention is a very small one — and increasingly it is a window viewed on the even smaller window of a mobile device. A glance is all you get to win them in both time and space. While it’s great to have increasing freedom to be creative with your marketing campaigns, you have to remember that you are no longer targeting people sitting in front of the “traditional” PC. Today, you are as likely to be in front of a consumer on mobile, a smartphone, a tablet or even a game console — to name but a few of the potential places your creative is going to be seen. But it is where you have to be. Consumers typically unlock their smartphone some 100 times a day and spend on average 44 hours per month interacting with their devices. And this is impacting traffic. In fact on average, 52 percent of Web traffic to retail websites globally currently comes via smartphones and tablet devices. For the real leaders who are well on the way to realizing the omni-channel dream, this can be as high as 65 percent, according to Zmags’ own experience with clients (Note: I’m CEO of Zmags). In the U.S., the PC-to-mobile tipping point was reached in August 2014, when 51 percent of the Web traffic to an ongoing sample of 26 of the top 200 brands came from mobile. We live in a mobile world... Read the full article at: MarTech