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Marketing in the Moment – How to Put Time on Your Side

July 23rd, 2015 | 3 min. read

Marketing in the Moment – How to Put Time on Your Side Blog Feature

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With 50 percent of websites only achieving 15 seconds of attention, consumers are living in the moment, craving instant digital gratification and only rewarding the most rich and attention-grabbing sites with their time. They are both overloaded with mediocre online experiences and time poor. The same goes for marketers who are trying to tap into those consumer moments. Driven by a tangible shift toward content marketing, marketers are feeling increasingly pressured. A study by the Content Marketing Institute in the U.S. indicated that nearly 70 percent of marketers feel challenged by time, and a third considered a lack of enough time their single biggest challenge. As with consumers, time is a marketer’s most precious resource, yet this content marketing crunch is a significant hurdle to delivering the essential instant digital gratification that today’s consumers demand. Alongside this intensifying demand on time — to get more done online — there’s an increasing array of marketing technology tools and packages that marketers have to rely on to deliver the experiences and richness that consumers expect. And whilst marketers are becoming more and more tech savvy, the vacuum is filled with more marketing technology to choose from. With nearly 2,000 different marketing technology vendor options available today, it’s no wonder that 21 percent of marketers now spend 15 or more hours every week managing the services they use. That’s roughly one third of their time in any given week. And for the marketers that maintain the technology with in-house teams, the pushing ideas, coding and support through an equally time-strapped IT department does not work. It’s not uncommon for the whole process, from ideation to publishing an update or campaign on an e-commerce site, to take many weeks — and sometimes several months.   This article was originally published in Customer Think on July 23, 2015. Read the full article here.