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Creator Conversations: Why Core Web Vitals are Important

December 15th, 2021 | 3 min. read

Creator Conversations: Why Core Web Vitals are Important Blog Feature

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Are you up to speed on Core Web Vitals? Why is it such an important metric for your website, both on mobile and desktop?

Ryan Breen, Chief Technology Officer, begins a series on Core Web Vitals by providing a a primer on it and why it's the key to your website performance and SEO strategy. Watch our Creator Conversation to hear Ryan explain why it's vital for Core Web Vitals to be a focus in your digital journey. 

🔥Three Important Factors: 

Factor 1: Provides a realistic website experience score

All of us who build and maintain websites are trying to to give customers and visitors the best experience possible. We know that better performance is better; if you load a site it in one second, you'll have happier visitors than if it loads in five seconds.

However, how fast is fast enough? Is that the best measure to calculate customer experience. The short answer is no. And that's why Core Web Vitals is a much better benchmark. 

Idea 2: Used to weigh performance by Google

Performance is a hard number to target or gauge. With Core Web Vitals, it's very detailed as there are many factors that go into. Those factors combine to give you one score, a score that matters, and a score that is durable and realistic to compare across all website. It's a score that you need to - and Google already is - factoring into the way that it weights the performance of competitors in any sector. 

Idea 3: Needs to be part of your SEO strategy

As a consumer searches for furniture or clothing online, Google is going to factor that into Core Web Vitals performance score to how it ranks the search results. Understanding your score and prioritizing how to optimize it is now a part of your SEO strategy

Stay tune for future Creator Conversations where Ryan will explain how Core Web Vitals is calculated and how you can turn it to your advantage by focusing on it, optimizing, and standing out amongst your competition. 

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