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The Game Changer for All Holiday Shopping

November 15th, 2018 | 1 min. read

The Game Changer for All Holiday Shopping Blog Feature

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When is the worst Sunday Scaries? Answer: Sunday before Christmas. If you are a grade A procrastinator when it comes to holiday shopping like me, then buying the perfect present within two or four days may induce anxiety. Have no fear; I may have just discovered the most useful tool you will ever need. Meet OUTGIFT.   With ecommerce, we constantly talk about personalization, speed, and agility. So why can’t holiday shopping be the same?   With OUTGIFT, you can easily complete your holiday shopping. Simply add who you are shopping for, their age, hobbies, interests, and the occasion to generate a list of possible presents. OUTGIFT states, “Our gift experts and intelligent gifting algorithm find gifts your recipients will love based on their personality, buying behavior and interests.” [embed]https://twitter.com/i/status/1031602906129158145[/embed]   Check out why OUTGIFT's founder, Alice Kittrell created this tool!