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Meet The Team: Asafe Noguiera

October 26th, 2016 | 3 min. read

Meet The Team: Asafe Noguiera Blog Feature

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What do you do at Zmags? How long have you worked here and why do you stay?  I think my exact title is Solutions Engineer but I’m involved in multiple areas here. My main focus here is in the pre- and post-sale process. I help address questions that fall on the technical side during the sales process, to ensure that clients considering our platform are comfortable. Then, I handle the onboard process with an account manager to get clients "Zmags certified" in no time at all. Which celebrity will star as you in your biopic?  Chris Pratt. But the Parks and Recreation Chris Pratt, not the buff Guardians of the Galaxy Chris Pratt. In my mind, he’s on a spirit animal level. What are you most proud of (work or otherwise)?  My FIFA skills…just kidding. But I am quite decent at it (humble brag). I’m most proud of where I am today and the work/successes it took to get here. I never thought I’d have the job I have today, and be surrounded by the people I am today. It’s a unique combination that leads me to enjoy and look forward to coming to work each day. Looking back, I can honestly say that the work needed to get here was absolutely worth it. No doubt in my mind. Describe your inner superhero – name, costume, and superpower!  If I could be any existing superhero, I’d be the Hulk. Not to scare anyone but I find myself very closely associated with the persona. Now, if I am to be my own, unique hero? I think I’d be The Procrastinator (which is a shout out to my college days). My power would be the ability to get 10 hours’ worth of work done in just 30 minutes. My weakness, however, would be just the opposite. I would only be able to do a half hour's worth of work in 10 hours. The costume would have to be something half-finished I guess. Perhaps red colored underwear + blue tights for the bottom but a very cozy hoodie with a college logo for the top. Where will we find you in 5 years? Tough to say as my plans for the next hour is still up in the air but I’d like to think that I would still be here (in a different position maybe). There’s no need to say but I like everything about Zmags. Everything from the people to the product are great and I couldn’t imagine working anywhere else.