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Interactive Content Spotlight: Nautica, Fitbit, J. Crew + More

June 20th, 2017 | 3 min. read

Interactive Content Spotlight: Nautica, Fitbit, J. Crew + More Blog Feature

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Check out the latest installment of the Interactive Content Spotlight, a monthly roundup of the coolest and most cutting edge eCommerce content from around the web. Enjoy!

Fitbit - Why Fitbit? 

What it is: An interactive long-form experience

Why we love it: This experience is incredibly visual, with rich graphics, video, and animations. It’s also incredibly intuitive to navigate; shoppers simply scroll to explore the products. What makes it such an impactful experience is how it tells a story. Customers are explicitly being told why they need Fitbit, how it will improve their lifestyle, and what they can do with it once they have it. But because the experience is so visually appealing, it never feels like a chore to get through. It’s entertaining and interactive, and is instantly memorable. And in a market that has become quite crowded with competitors, that’s an absolute necessity.

What it’s missing: This experience does such a great job explaining “why Fitbit?” but once a user is ready to buy, there’s no way to do so without leaving the page. Shoppers either have to make it to the bottom of the page – and are then directed to another experience – or have to scroll all the way back up to select a product. Either way, it’s another added step. Making the experience clickable and shoppable will let customers purchase the moment they realize they just have to have a Fitbit. 


J. Crew - Cheat Sheet: Summer Essentials 

What it is: A step-by-step summer essentials buying guide for men

Why we love it: This experience makes summer shopping quick and easy, and is a great example of guided selling content. It acts as a cheat sheet for seasonal shopping, breaking down different looks in 5 simple steps. The imagery and style advice offers endless inspiration. What we really love about this buying guide is how easy it is to shop. Simply click an image to activate a quickview, with every item from the outfit displayed in one place. It’s a seamless and intuitive path to purchase, in as few clicks as possible. And because shoppers aren’t brought away from the experience for each purchase, they can continue to browse and purchase items during their session.

What it’s missing: We’d love to see some animations, gifs, or video added to this experience. Adding interactive features makes content dynamic and rich, and gives shoppers more to explore. Meaning they are staying engaged and on the page. 


La Mer - #MyLaMerStory

What it is: A video and UGC experience

Why we love it: Shopping for skincare or cosmetics products online is daunting for shoppers – they can’t reach through the computer screen to test out that moisturizer or foundation for themselves. That’s why rich experiences that show the products in action are so important, but especially for La Mer. Their products are notorious for their luxury ingredients and luxury prices, so for customers to make a big financial commitment, they need to feel confident in their purchase. This experience delivers that confidence through a video showing the cream in action, as well as featuring Instagram photos and reviews by real customers.

What it’s missing: While users can technically purchase items from the Instagram images, they are taken away from the original rich experience and are directed to a stale product page. By including integrated quickviews, customers can buy directly from the experience and then continue to shop and explore more products. 

Nautica - Lil Yachty 

What it is: A multimedia guided selling experience

Why we love it: Nautica spotlights their brand ambassador Lil Yachty in this interactive digital experience. Complete with embedded video and style advice from the rapper himself, there is so much to explore. But what makes this experience a home run is how Nautica puts content first. The “sell” is never forced; instead, Lil Yachty shares his favorite vacation destinations, his music taste, and more. The primary focus of this experience is learning about their ambassador. And the fact that he’s modelling their clothes is an added bonus. By including video, their content is rich and dynamic, and makes the experience fun to explore.

What it’s missing: Nautica missed an opportunity for clickable imagery. While the experience succeeds in its focus on content over products, if a shopper is excited about the clothes and wants to purchase, they are directed to a stale category page or product page. After being so immersed in the experience, it’s disappointing to end up at an uninspired product page. Adding clickable imagery with activated quickviews would make it easy for shoppers to convert.